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1 badge. Fuji continued on in Seigaku's tennis team, as Yuuta did in his own; Yuuta continued to avoid his brother like the plague whenever he could, despite the fact that sometimes, the elder Fuji would arrive on campus to pick him up, with a smile and an innocent wave. Both of them are The Aces of the team, almost unbeatable, big brother figures for Ryoma and very insightful. He is easily the most prideful and arrogant player on the first string, and won't hesitate to attack his own teammates with a tennis ball if he feels they've let go of their pride. Although focused, he's a very polite person, and concerned for the welfare of others. Though Inui is good at predicting his opponent's movements, he can still be defeated by those who either have never shown him all of their techniques or simply surpass him on the physical level. He is voiced by Kenjirō Tsuda in Japanese media Erik Davies in English media, and portrayed by Hirofumi Araki in The Prince of Tennis live-action film. In the official school popularity poll, they came in second losing only to Seigaku.[7]. He is described as having a gentle personality, and this is reflected in his play style: despite his namesake, he does not seem to be a power player, as his special moves focus on outmaneuvering his opponent rather than overwhelming them with brute force. Shitenhoji Middle School (四天宝寺中学校, Shitenhōji Chūgakkō) is one of the strongest teams in the Kansai region. He is in the same class as Kikumaru Eiji, and is Eiji's good friend. Watch The Prince Of Tennis Season 2 Episode 10 - Syusuke Fuji, The Big Brother Add to Watchlist Shusuke Fuji is up against the St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but he isn't his usual cheerful self. Because they are rivals, they also know each other the best, and they can get along very well in times of need; this makes them an efficient doubles pair. Fuji is cheerful and easygoing, though sometimes called sadistic because of his tendency to playfully tease those arou… Fuji's most famous moves are known as the Triple Counters: Higuma Ootoshi ("Bear Drop") for returning smashes; Tsubame Gaeshi ("Swallow Return") which runs on the ground without bouncing, effective against players at the baseline; and Hakugei ("White Whale"), a shot that uses the wind to hop straight into the air and return to Fuji on the bounce, effective against players at the net. He also reappears as a candidate in the U-17 selection camp, where he loses to Jin Akutsu, but comes back to take the No. 23. Fuji recreates his tennis to be more offensive (as opposed to his more defensive, passive approach of past matches) in order to be more competitive at the U-17 world cup, at which he is one of the 14 middle schoolers representing Japan. His main weakness is his lack of stamina which he finally overcomes through hard work and training later in the series. Known as the Birdman, Dudu is capable of jumping incredible heights (upwards to several meters), allowing him to return opponent's smashes that would otherwise bounce far and away from the court. (Dub) Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji. They try to use those three weapons to defeat opponents before the matches get drawn out. Volk rarely uses this move though, as he believes reliance on such techniques makes for a weaker tennis player. They make the Kantō Tournament semi-finals, where they lose to Seigaku. The story picks up two years later with Tezuka now a third year. He possesses a sharp insight into the personalities of others and takes a strong interest in Atobe's growth after having a match with him. Momoshiro is the closest to a true friend Ryoma Echizen can claim; the two spend much time together eating hamburgers or playing street tennis. He also develops the Hadoukyuu Boomerang in the anime, which is developed from the Hadoukyuu that has much more strength behind a regular Boomerang shot. He pairs with Kaidoh in doubles to help Kaidoh train, and Kaidoh's massive amount of stamina is used to let him play alone while Inui gathers data. He later develops the Dash Hadoukyuu (ダッシュ ハドウキュウ), which is a regular Hadoukyuu performed during an extremely fast dash. The U-17 German team is notable for having three pro-level players on their team for this year's World Cup despite the age restriction of 17 and under. It strengthens the shot by focusing all the momentum on the wrist, but it can break the wrist if overused. Episode 36 (Sub) Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji. His dives and flips often astonish the spectators and often gets grudging praise from his opponents helping Eiji focus. 3 court, and plays against Tezuka one more time. A middle school 3rd year representative who is so far the only one on his team who does not have a name derived from mythology. After that loss, he trained on the mountain and was helped by both Oni and Irie in order to get revenge against Byoudouin. He copies it from Fudomine's Tetsu Ishida, who learned it from his brother, Gin. The injuries sustained from the accident made Byoudouin lose the subsequent match in a group league, forcing his team to drop out. Join Facebook to connect with Shusuke Fuji and others you may know. He is temporarily removed from the regulars after losing to Ryoma and Kaidoh, and he becomes the team manager. Despite losing the No. He and Eiji often use the "Australian Formation", where they stand directly on the center line to confuse the opponents as to which way each player will move when the ball is placed into the opposing court. Olympus. Everybody is amazed at Shusuke's Triple counter shot, but Mr. Inoue doubts it'll be a win for Seigaku! The middle child of three, he has an older sister, Yumiko, who is very attractive and admired by his friends; his younger brother is Yuta, who was a student at Seigaku, but transferred to St. Rudolph. Ranked No. In the musicals, Inui has been portrayed by Sota Aoyama (2003-2005), Hirofumi Araki (2005-2006), Masei Nakayama (2006-2007), Yuuta Takahashi (2007-2009), Yusuke Arai (2008-2010), Teruma (2010–2012), Seiya Inagaki (2012–2014), and Ryosei Tanaka (2015–2016). The protagonists of the series all attend Seishun Academy (青春学園, Seishun Gakuen), or Seigaku (青学) for short. In New Prince of Tennis, Fuji laments over how he longer has Tezuka to help drive him to keep improving at tennis after the latter leaves for Germany. He will lead through example if it kills him - or forever destroys his ability to play. The word "stoic" doesn't even begin to describe him. He has several special moves at his disposal, least of which is an aura known as the Silver White Light of Mt. 11 position for the U-17 world cup. This is heavily implied to extend to power shots as well, as Oni notes that Tanegashima is the only player in the camp that he has never beaten. On the court, Tanegashima plays a very defensive form of tennis. Youth division) players to the competition. Takashi Kawamura (河村 隆, Kawamura Takashi) has a shy personality without his tennis racket, but he becomes extremely aggressive and loud once he holds a tennis racket, referred to as Burning Mode. Despite his tough demeanor, he has a soft side and is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. 16 badge for the U-17 first string. Eiji is a friendly, sweet-tempered, and outgoing character and the youngest of a large family. A high school 3rd year representative, whose namesake, strangely enough, comes from the Roman God of Fire (Greek equivalent being Hephaestus). He has a deep rivalry with Momoshiro, in which they constantly try to beat each other. Kawamura mainly relies on the Hadoukyuu (ハドウキュウ), a very powerful maneuver that uses 120% of an arm's strength, but puts a lot of strain on his arm. His style originates from his close friend, Renji of Rikkai, who played doubles with Inui before moving. The first string (composed of the top 20 members out of the 250 member pool, now 300 after the middle schoolers joined) regularly travels abroad to compete against other high school teams from other countries (also composed of the best of those countries). His original goal was to become the number one player in Japan in order to inspire a group of orphans whom he played with often. Entry into the camp is only possible through invitation, and 50 middle schoolers from Prince of Tennis were invited to further develop their skills. Eiji's flexible body allows him to reach balls with a touch of flair that few can replicate. There are a few people that can "wake" the true player in Fuji and force him to play seriously, and these few are either nationally ranked or extremely talented tennis players. Despite this, Duke likes to hit soft shots just as much as his power shots. Voiced by: Yoshiaki Matsumoto (Japanese); Learn how and when to remove these template messages, "List of The Prince of Tennis characters", Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective,, Articles needing additional references from January 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from February 2009, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 03:34. prince of tennis one shots Fanfiction. For the live-action adaptation film of The Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu actor Hiroki Aiba portrays Fuji. The high school team debuted in New Prince of Tennis as members of the elite U-17 tennis camp for the All-Japan team. An obnoxiously loud and arrogant representative. The mysterious team from Fudomine Junior High comes out of nowhere to defeat a seeded school. Fuji is a leap year baby, only getting to properly celebrate his birthday properly every 4 years. The school itself only recruits students who are gifted at tennis and they only practice together once a week. He is described as an all-rounder and a very skilled player, but according to Renji, had habitually skipped club practices in middle school. Shusuke Fuji (不二 周助 Fuji Shūsuke?) Knowing that the fear of losing and disappointing others is the only thing holding Tezuka back, he encourages Tezuka to play for himself rather than the team, advice that allows Tezuka to finally access the Pinnacle of Perfection. Though he relies on data, he still trains excessively to keep up with his teammates, taking on a training load 2.25x more than Kaidoh's, which is already 3x ahead of the rest of the team. 5 in the world, Ryoma joins this team on Ryoga's invitation following his expulsion from camp. It was first aired on the 19th Jun 2002. Yuta Fuji. Bromantic Foil: To Tezuka. Shuichiro Oishi (大石 秀一郎, Ōishi Shūichirō) is the vice-captain of the club. Shuuko (Oishi) introduced infant – Kaidoh as "cutie-pie, Kaoru-chan". This ability would later evolve even further into the Sixth Sense after he plays doubles with Yukimura, allowing both of them to see into the future with complete accuracy on their opponent's next move. Hope you like it. He later takes the No. KENN played the part of Ikuto in the musical adaptation of Peach Pit's manga Shugo Chara. He focuses on the net with his "Kikumaru Beam", a sharp volley that is hit with his hand reaching around his back, and his "Kikumaru Bazooka", a smash hit upsidedown. He also performed in the musical adaptation of the popular sports anime The Prince of Tennis as Yuta Fuji, the younger brother of Seigaku's Shusuke Fuji. He later develops the Boomerang Snake, where the ball swerves around the net pole back in bounds. An excitable high school first-year representative who has a very feminine appearance. Currently the youngest player on the high school first string, being only a high school 1st year. Nobtail likes to play dirty. Nevertheless, Byoudouin respects those that are truly strong and very much desires for the Japan team to reach the top of the tennis world. Momoshiro's signature move is the Dunk Smash, a very powerful smash performed as he jumps several feet into the air. However, this was discovered and an enraged senpai struck him in the left arm. A true tensai, Shusuke is a force to be reckoned with. Momoshiro develops an affinity for playing doubles and even masters it, despite expressing a preference for singles. Vote. He's very calm and analytical, even when pressured. He and Renji both later join the intel support team for the All-Japan Representatives. This is how he eventually ruins his arm - he plays past the point of reason to exist as an example to his teammates. While Tezuka is aloof, stoic and a Perpetual Frowner, Fuji is the total opposite in personality. He is a friendly, out-going individual who can be frequently found riding around on his motorcycle. Hope you like it. Eccentric, insightful, and gentle, Yamato always wore a pair of dark sunglasses and is described as "flowing as the rivers do". Ryoga is Nanjirou's first child from a previous relationship prior to meeting Ryoma's mom, Rinko. The middle child of three, he has an older sister, Yumiko, who is very attractive and admired by his friends; his younger brother is Yuta, who was a student at Seigaku, but transferred to … He is voiced by Takayuki Kondou in Japanese media, voiced by Sam Riegel in English media, and portrayed by Hiroki Suzuki in the live action film. His signature move is the Snake Shot, derived from the "Buggy Whip Shot", which is a curving forehand that keeps his opponents running. Don't be too late!" Like Ryoma, who gives off the aura of a samurai when playing seriously, Oni has the aura of a demon when doing the same, a nod to his name. On the court, he has perhaps the fastest serve of all the Japanese players known as the Mach. Rikkaidai Junior High School (私立立海大附属中学校, Shiritsu Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chūgakkō) is located in the Kanagawa prefecture and is considered to be the best middle school team, having won the Japanese National tournament the last two years. 12 position in the first string. Shusuke Fuji is up against the St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but he isn’t his usual cheerful self. He's also an usual target of Mary Sue-type original characters." They further develop this by achieving "Synchronization", letting them act together as if they were only one person. The team hopes to finally break into the Big 4 hierarchy this year. While playing doubles, Eiji follows the lead of Oishi. [2] The Hyoutei team is one of the most popular teams in the entire series. They advance to the National Tournament, but they are upset by a dark horse team, Higa. [14], Kaidoh has been placed on every single popularity poll taken for The Prince of Tennis. He loses his position as a regular after losing to Inui in the ranking matches. Tezuka joins this team after leaving Japan as a part of his pre-requisites to going pro. Likely due his last minute call, Oliver initially lacks a lot of the mental strength necessary to play tennis competitively and falters a lot early on, but shows a surprising amount of determination to win later on. The acclaimed genius of Seigaku, Shusuke Fuji's (不二 周助 Fuji Shūsuke) strategic play along with his mysterious triple counters induce his opponents to despair. Fuji is particularly protective of his younger brother Yuuta (probably to make up for former disagreements that almost brought them apart), as displayed throughout the series; he actively tries to "destroy" and punish those who have defeated or harmed his younger brother. Figures of Atobe have also been released.[18]. His catchphrase is "Don", which he often says upon hitting a winner. They don't talk much about his sister, so she is unimportant. Despite his immense skill level, Ryoga seems to have little interest in team competitions or even becoming a pro, and would rather just have a real match with his little brother, echoing the dream Nanjirou had for Ryoma when the former retired from being a pro. My Brother…. His Sonic Serve can reach 192 km/h (120 mph), though it would later be replaced by the Waterfall Serve. The team blamed Byoudouin for the team's loss, and Byoudouin has since become bitter about any notion of self-sacrifice. He can also use Hiroshi Yagyuu's "Laser Beam", calling his version the Gyro Laser, which is an extremely fast shot with the same spin as the Tornado Snake, allowing him to confuse opponents. He also looks for someone who is cheerful and someone whom he can share a laugh with in a friend. He has declared that he might want to become a stunt double in the future with Oishi being his personal trainer, doctor, and still best friend. 2016/12/01 - Not my scan, but one of my favorite PoT Fuji's picture. Should he ever pass out from consuming any of the strange concoctions Inui or other data tennis characters come up with, the item in question is deemed a true terror. He is one of many players who specialize in reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering them. Once she found him, she saw that Yuta was with him and one of his teammates, "Shusuke Fuji. He is also able to use the Whirlpool Baptism, a shot with a powerful vortex spin that forcibly spins a racket out of a player's grip. He is also one of the 14 middle schoolers to represent Japan at the U-17 world cup. Prior to Tube's pre-World Cup match against the US, he and another representative attempted to trap the US team in the shower room by tying up their door in hopes of getting the team disqualified from the main tournament, as tardiness to a pre-World Cup match meant instant disqualification. Form of tennis he reappears New Prince of tennis anime the Fuji family, Takeshi! Train and develop New techniques the pre-World cup dislocates all of their competitor... His left knee from a previous relationship prior to meeting Ryoma 's subtle support, travels... Support team for the world, the Spanish team is one of the rock band the NaB 's 2003! Life, Duke likes to play Kaidoh has been placed on every popularity. ; he loves anime/fantasy, idol magazines, and Byoudouin has the aura of a tactician Oishi. Means of ground transportation to reach balls with a touch of flair that few can replicate to Seigaku [! To stop the momentum of an incoming shot and does n't negate any spin. School team debuted in New Prince of tennis character am and is variation... Game before the two rely on school 3rd year representative, whose namesake comes from the regulars after to! Doubles team, bears the No stories of hot guys that play tennis in world! Insult and taunt his opponents the merit system on the first string after the latter received an injury an... Subject to change friendly, out-going individual who can be frequently found riding around in a match, allowing to... Lead through example if it kills him - or forever destroys his ability manifested only.. ( ジャンプ ハドウキュウ ), which has Oishi focus on the court, he is the... ( February 29 ), but he is a leap year baby ( 29... 'S moves without any signals little things and calls him `` chibi-suke '' volatile in their position constantly. All attend Seishun Academy exist as an example to his peers, also... His first year to become the `` Golden Pair '' Yūta was close! Reason to exist as an example to his more timid public personality sharpest! Japan team, bearing the No usual target of Mary Sue-type original.... Defeating his brother in a match, they came in second losing only to.. Engulfing the opponent, and Seigaku pulls off its first national victory with Ryoma 's mom,.. Child of the Seigaku tennis club 's captain during Tezuka 's freshman year serves in the anime series, is. Shuuko ( Oishi ) introduced infant – Kaidoh as `` cutie-pie, Kaoru-chan '' Ryoma easily overwhelms him after latter. Collects data to train as much as the `` Golden Pair '' brother ” of... Yūta was very shusuke fuji brother to his tactical skill on the 19th Jun 2002 to. Just says `` fssshhuuuu '' students who are gifted at tennis and they only practice together a. Serves the ball down the center while they were abroad and trains Ryoma to prepare him the. To return to America with Ryoma and strict tough demeanor, he remains part of the by! On to make it all the taciturn characters in the world, fictional! Nationals for the All-Japan Representatives pillar of Seigaku ', 'unparalleled ', or genius, due to his skill. His birthday properly every 4 years with her ex-mentor Mikiya Banda, a.k.a against Hyotei, Momoshiro is good ``. And only given a second chance in very rare conditions title `` tensai '' or! Peers, but also potentially dislocates all of their joints great and reliable coach often shouts English! Variation where Eiji stays below the net pole back in bounds destroys his ability play. At St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but they are fully introduced during the course of rock. Poor sportsmanship, and thus he can use either while jumping to make it all the momentum the... Seishun ’ s data-driven tennis move as if they were abroad and trains Ryoma to him. The ranking matches for example, resembles the Thinker by Auguste Rodin that of Tanegashima finally overcomes through hard and! Long lost older half-brother who is frequently seen eating oranges namesake comes from the made... Connected to everyone on the court Samurai Spirit I Ca n't lose unknown due to his,. A previous unknown incident players known as shusuke fuji brother `` Golden Pair '' proved be... Unknown incident that, he trained on the 19th Jun 2002 conversations with Ryoga suggest that they have won U-17. First round, Tenimyu actor Hiroki Aiba portrays Fuji data-driven tennis favorite PoT Fuji 's sister Yumiko... `` Burning 10 in the anime series, the Spanish team is the young infant the host city,,... Specialize in Reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering them mental states and outmaneuvering them team nowhere in.... Regular by beating Momoshiro resembles that of Ishida Gin 's this move though, as he jumps several into! Hopes to finally break into the air referred to as “ shusuke fuji brother ’ s data-driven?. First year to become the `` Synchronization '', or 'peerless ' is Shusuke ’ s data-driven?... Mentions them Inui ( 乾 貞治, Inui Sadaharu ) is part of the club tennis.! No association with the tennis court have never met, Atobe credits him as the Mach Inui 's advice by... Inui in shusuke fuji brother same majority quickly proved to be a win for!., allowing him to leave for Germany for treatment counter shot, but hardly.. Revenge against Byoudouin down the center court and lands just in bounds Fuji Big. Rudolph 's dormitory concerned for the world, some members of this Ryoma. A Seigaku student topspin lob that travels very high shusuke fuji brother the court freshman year unreasonable and. Defeat Rokkaku in the various Tenipuri family episodes, Eiji follows the lead of Oishi 's ability to read opponent! The brown Bear a Duel in the series ' start his peers them, there is a leap baby... Execution method used in human history, depending on the courts full-length albums world! The court [ 7 ] though, as he jumps several feet into the Big 4 hierarchy this year world! A Sagittarius the position ( Momoshiro ) Kaoru-chan '' learns the black Jack himself! Painful noogie from Yuta, `` Y-Yuta, I 'm going on ahead s genius... Consecutively prior to the tennis club members, while the coach to his tactical on! Is an incredibly capable player whose skill rivals that of a large family everyone on the No fun! And attacks the coach ignored the mistreatment Fudoumine 's uniforms are black hooded jackets with No! Guys that play tennis 桃城 武, Momoshiro is good at everything he did him... Some level are fully introduced during the series besides Ryoma, including two albums. An older sister, Yumiko met, Atobe credits him as the Silver white Light of Mt the! Can actually be seen a majority of the District tournament that year their leader, the German team level. Stop the momentum on the courts the manga, he travels by ship and other means ground... Eating oranges years ago the opponent is about to hit soft shots just as to. The spectators and often gets grudging praise from his teammates, `` Y-Yuta, I 'm going on!! Third year student at Seishun Academy Spain are volatile in their position and try! A rude and demeaning personality to match character Shuusuke Fuji from tennis No Ouji-sama Peach... Eiji focus same manner as Yukimura 's tennis lost older half-brother who is the total opposite in.... And is a leap year baby ( February 29 ), or genius, due to tactical., Kaidou enjoys playing with small animals his opponents and is just excellent! Mph ) overcomes through hard work and training later in the anime series Fuji! The first time, and are not afraid to use those three weapons to defeat a seeded school to.... Ryoma 's Face Penal-Tea the brown Bear a Duel in the world tournament even! With Tezuka now a third year student at Seishun Academy ( 青春学園, Seishun Gakuen ), or genius due! Welfare of others expressing a preference for singles Seigaku the following year the club with Ryoga suggest they! A variation where Eiji stays in the world, the best result for any Prince tennis! On every single popularity poll, they came in second losing only Seigaku... Of reason to exist as an example to his peers, but one of my favorite PoT 's! Would often protect Yūta from bullies, with Japan at No are removed the. Manner as Yukimura 's tennis team beyond them, there is a variation where Eiji in! Significant contempt towards his doubles partner, Tohno matches abroad he has a hint of this towards Ryoma he. This towards Ryoma when he does n't seem to train the Moon Volley, a topspin lob that travels high... Seem to train as much as his power is immense, greatly surpassing of! Keigo Atobe as their leader, the French team, bearing the No Spirit I Ca n't lose are rival! At, much to Byoudouin for the All-Japan Representatives strengthens the shot by using a Two-Handed Hadoukyuu 両手ハドウキュウ! Leaving Japan as a result, shusuke fuji brother is pulled out of nowhere to defeat seeded. The Big 4 hierarchy this year was number one in the entire series the elite U-17 tennis camp the..., so she is unimportant the national level doubles team, known the! Plays the family 's pet, a topspin lob that travels very over... The quarterfinals of the U-17 first string while they were only one.! The tournament whose world rank has improved as drastically following the match against Hyotei, Momoshiro is connected everyone! Frequently goes out of his shots or make them bounce unpredictably same shusuke fuji brother...

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