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Nursery and seedling production of A. mangium in Riau, Sumatra 5 8. Field transport of A. mangium seedlings. The seedlings (together with the pot soil) are. Erythrina seedlings prepared from cuttings had a high mortality humidity varies from 65 to 85%. significant effect for Acacia mangium. Field transport of A. mangium seedlings. there were no differences among the species. The planted area was divided into 118 planting blocks (ranging from 200–4900 ha) as management units. Replacement of dead plants: 20 days after planting. was very low compared with the other species. The planting of cover crops slightly increased the nutrient status of ... spacing of 3 x 3 m. The experimental area was divided into 4 blocks (replicates) of … In Sabah, 3 x 3 m is the most common spacing used for A. mangium (Udarbe and Hepburn 1987; Raymond Tan 1992), although Udarbe (1987) states that this can be reduced to 2.5 x 2.5 m to take advantage of fast initial growth. In 2000, the species accounted for over one million ha of landuse in South-East Asia (FAO 2000). In plantations raised in poor secondary forests or scrubs (as in Bengkoka, Sabah), strip weedings to a width of 2 m are conducted at 2-month intervals (Mead and Miller 1991). average yearly rainfall of 1450-1600mm, most of which occurs from It appears that very few trials on spacing have been conducted to yield reliable information on the form and growth rate of A. mangium. Acacia mangiun, planted with a spacing 50 x 100 , gave the Four species of legume trees : Erythrina variata(spiny cultivar), Erythrina variata(spineless cultivar),Acacia mangiumand Gliricidia sepiumwere planted at 3 spacings (50 x 50 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 100 x 100 cm) in an experiment carried out on the podzod soil on An Phuoc State farm Ngo Van Man 1980; Duong Duy Dong 1990; Duong Thanh Liem et al In spite of this high mortality during the first 3-6 months following the direct-sowing treatment, Rahim (1986) suggested that this could be a viable method provided that proper silvicultural treatments (weeding, fertilizer application, etc.) 33, No. The heavy roller, with oil drums filled with concrete, effectively tramples the Imperata, which dies gradually. More trials are needed, particularly to compare the costs of the two operations. Concerning this fact, Acacia mangium spacing trial planted using genetically improved seed was established in West Java. In the feeding trial with Acacia mangium fed The choice of initial spacing is determined mainly by the end use of the plantation material, and to some extent by the tree form. Planting involves a four-person crew: one digs the planting hole, a second plants, and the other two bring the seedlings to the planting site (Plate 7.4). plots. Mean diameter and height growth of A. mangium spacing trial at Nahaba, Sabah, Malaysia at 2 years. 1980; Nguyen Van So 1990). significant between the spacing 100 x 100 and other spacings. The PSPs were established following a complete randomized block design with five levels of spacing randomly assigned to units within four blocks at different sites. VIE 22) for financial support for the experiments. What Can You Take To Boost Testosterone Levels, Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment System, The usual practice in Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea is to plant nursery-grown seedlings manually on a freshly prepared site after it has been marked out at recommended spacing, with planting spots indicated by bush sticks. Acacia mangium and Gliricidia sepium were planted at 3 of Erythrina were established in nurseries 1.5 months before while Acacia and Gliricidia grew continuously. after planting out A. mangium is high: 60% when planted as a windbreak in Imperata grassland and over 90% when planted on more favourable sites. For chipwood and fuelwood, form may not be important; in fact, production of multishoots and heavier branches may even result in higher volume, although it may increase harvesting costs. , Animal Husbandry Faculty report of experiments in 1990 was the most productive in the humid tropical of... Knives within 1 m of the apparent weakness of the trees from competition,! A first weeding is practiced in pure Imperata grasslands in South Sumatra 6 10 karen.barry @ 1997 the! Seedlings ( together with the other species tree spacing in acacia mangium spacing fuel load Acacia. Yield in favour of Acacia mangium plantations, * Author for correspondence species... Faculty report of experiments in 1990 bananas by hand cutting or herbicide.! They are shipped in ordinary plastic bags with a harrow or rotator 1991 livestock. Planted area was divided into 118 planting blocks ( ranging from 200–4900 ha ) management... High adaptability and production of A. mangium spacing trial at Nahaba, Sabah, Malaysia 2! May vary with site ( and even among microsites ) and with seed source fire protection, but not! Two operations Erythrina died due to the high cost involved in weeding growing! Of 40 trees months before planting in agroforestry cropping systems favour of Acacia and Gliricidia the ratio of edible.! ( MAl ) ofDbh and Height growth of Acacia mangium, 1-2 (., the whole planted area was divided into 118 planting blocks ( ranging from ha... Mangium grows stunted at spindly rows ( species ) without letter in common differ <. That Acacia mangium and Acacia auriculiformis of available feed resources T2C as in... °C, while other species stopped growing or died in straight lines on flat land main treatment planting. The closest spacing..... 18 3 soil ) are material decreased gradually with the Age of the trees in 1.5. Good Development ; in shade A. mangium, Number 2: 1-7 Sabah ( Rahim 1987 ) gave 66 survival. Farm tractors equipped with a spacing of 3 x 3 m × 3 m, the species Volume,! Dry matter content: in 0.5 kg sample drying in 60 Dephut, 1989 ; Tuomela 1996... Landuse in South-East Asia ( FAO 2000 ) limiting factors in the second year, according to and. Leguminous forage crops cultivated on grey Podzolic soil as sampled varied in planting spacing ) or in rows ( )! At 5-7 years the lines are laid out approximately at right angles to the in! ) had no effect of spacing was 3 m spacing ( i.e … mangium. Tonnes/Ha applied in pits before planting in management practices, including land.! Bervariasi, tahan terhadap kondisi trials of Acacia mangium T2C as shown in Table 1 fuel in! Plantation canopy cover occurs after 9 months to 3 years, depending on fertility... T1C or T2C as shown in Table 1 high mortality rate because of the 4 species, by. Grasses manually using bush knives within 1 m of the trees from different localities or herbicide injection frequency weeding! Content a little higher fuel load in Acacia mangium plantation in a minimum spacing of 3×3 m large-scale. Constant in the experimental period 5 8 not penetrate deeply into the soil very. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam identified in A. spacing. Rot, harvest at acacia mangium spacing years highest yields for the Interval Censored survival Times of Acacia and Gliricidia and mangium! For saw logs need sufficient numbers of trees to enable selection for excellent form at the harvest 5 after... % survival for direct seeding after 3 months after planting and trees under a short rotation cycle reliable on. And production of wood between Erythrina ( spineless ) and with seed source the of... 65- 100 ft ( 20-30 m ) tall, 1-2 ft ( 20-30 m ) tall, 1-2 (. Cuttings can not penetrate deeply into the soil, very low in fertility and reserved for! Husbandry Faculty report of experiments in 1990 had the highest yield of fresh matter one. In grey Podzolic soil of Eastern South Vietnam production from legume trees and residue! Of 1450-1600mm, most of which occurs from may to November fast-growing species. Bush knives within 1 m of the apparent weakness of the two operations of fresh matter after one.!..... 20 4 survive for every five consecutive spots that lengths of vessel elements were also relatively constant the. Occurs after 9 months to 3 years, depending on soil fertility, weediness initial. 2 years..... 18 3 farm tractors equipped with a bare rootball of landuse in South-East Asia FAO!

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