how to show dimensions in solidworks assembly

When editing a sketch and the part is rotated in an unusual or awkward way, you might want those dimensions easier to read so you can make changes on the fly. Hide or show Multiple Dimensions at Once. You can scale a sketch (smaller or larger) with Tools, sketch tools, scale entities. Placed the external dim. Once in awhile SOLIDWORKS users report that a part driven by a configured assembly dimension will display the same way if different assembly configurations are used in the same higher-level assembly or a drawing. I only see the external dimensions that I insert onto the finished feature. With the help of this guide, it doesn’t have to be. Out of the box, SOLIDWORKS has an option unchecked that may help you when checked. On the Document Properties tab, click Dimensions and select Show units of dimensions… 5. I started working with Solidworks API 2 days ago. But quite some people found this setting annoying, because in some cases the dimension was placed at a previously selected and unwanted location. Exit sketch 4. You can dimension chamfers in drawings. Note that the dimensions are still the same, even if the body itself has doubled in size by virtue of the scaling operation. If you need to scale an assembly, your best bet might be to save the assembly as a … ExtrudeBoss) with length. Here is how I did: 1. You can show dimension units in drawings. Select the dimension tool and point to entities of the finished feature 7. Tolerance and Precision. New to SolidWorks? I dont see a way to scale an assembly. Grid To display a grid, right-click and select Display Grid. In the last line, you can see that I am getting the dimension value by hard coding its name. Purpose: These instructions are intended for someone new to using SolidWorks, and whom has somewhat basic computer skills. A powerful tool such as SolidWorks can be intimidating for the new user. Many haven’t. Dimensions Dimensions in SolidWorks control the geometry. Made a sketch 2. That is no problem! Clicked OK to finish feature 6. Once dimensions are displayed in a drawing, you can move them within a view or to another view. The sketch entity or model element must agree with its dimension. You can scale a part (smaller or larger) and it will show on the tree as a feature. From this version you can preselect sketch entities and then use the Smart Dimension tool to add dimensions to the entities. Moving and Copying Dimensions. Let’s take a look at this setting. In addition to the usual dimension display properties, chamfer dimensions have their own options for leader display, text display, and X display. When Hide/Show Annotations is activated, all hidden and shown dimensions would be shown either in gray or black color. Sketch scale does not show as a feature that you can edit but you can always re-scale it. Have you heard of Display dimension flat to screen? Lastly, the Scale feature in SOLIDWORKS is a feature available to parts only. I would rather like to get all dimensions of the SELECTED component and then write logic to get a particular dimension from that list. This is expected. Selecting shown dimension would change their color to gray and vice versa. Specify the grid spacing and snap control in Tools, Options, Document Properties, Grid/Snap. Made feature (ie. A basic knowledge of dimensions will also be helpful. Put dimensions into it 3. SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduced a new way of adding dimensions in a sketch. Please help! In a drawing, click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options.

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