magic carpet spirea vs goldmound spirea

'Goldflame' has close similarities to another popular cultivar, known as 'Gold Mound.' Spirea such as Magic Carpet Spirea generally do well in acidic soils with ph readings from 5.5 to 6.8. Neat, compact mound produces vibrant, red new leaves that mature to bright gold, contrasting with clusters of small, pink flowers. Spirea Goldmound. Spirea magic carpet vs double play gold. The magic carpet spirea is considered a summer-blooming variety, but generally starts to bloom in late spring before most other summer-blooming varieties would have. 50% OFF. Spirea Pink (summer blooming), includes A. W., Daphne, Dolchica, Goldflame, Goldmound, Limemoumd, Little Princess, Magic Carpet, Neon Flash, Norman, Shirobana and Japanese White. Spiraea 'Magic Carpet' is the proud holder of a prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, and has been specially selected for its vibrant foliage, which keeps its colour through the season. Small pink blossoms atop the finely textured foliage mass in summer. One of the most dwarf spirea on the market at only 24 New leaves emerge a vibrant orange-red and retains red-tipped branches all season. Dwarf spirea shrubs form spreading mounds covered with flower clusters in summer and early fall. The Magic Carpet Spirea is just the thing for you. This spirea variety commonly displays three different colored blooms all on the same shrub - and all at the same time!! Qty: Add to Cart. It features bright golden to lime green foliage with vibrant red leaf tips. Beautiful rusty orange new leaves and rosey pink flowers. Great For: Focal groupings, Low maintenance foundation plant. 50% OFF 'Goldmound' creates a low maintenance, mounded form that is great for many situations where a shot of brightness is needed thanks to intense deep-pink flowers in June and July amid bright yellow foliage. It will spread 2-3 feet wide. If you are looking for golden foliage in summer, choose ‘Goldmound’. Abundant clusters of dainty flat-topped pink flowers appear at the ends of the branches on this attractive shrub from late spring through mid-summer. Spring 2021 *Average Plant Shipping Size: 8" - 12" tall / Quart size rootball *No Shipments to California, Alaska, or Hawaii. Sep 20, 2012 - Magic Carpet is probably the best selling new spiraea on the market. I have Wine and Roses weigela, and Magic Carpet spirea, also Goldflame, Goldmound (which prefers part-shade in my yard) and Neon Flash. Spiraea j. Foliage turns a rich, russet color in the fall, adding seasonal interest to your landscape. 'Goldmound' and 'Limemound' look great in spring alongside blooms of perennials such as nepeta, salvia and ajuga. In fall the foliage takes on rich russet tones. Spiraea japonica 'Magic Carpet' $ 29.99. Almost by surprise, the dazzling foliage is joined by bright pink flowers from early summer. 2000 MI Growers’ Choice Award Winner. Double Play Big Bang Spirea Shrubs. 'Magic Carpet' Golden Japanese Spirea ZONE 3. A fairly low growing spirea cultivar that is somewhat similar in coloration to Goldmound Spirea, but not quite as intense of a lime green color to the foliage in the spring.....and with the addition of fiery red buds & newest foliage. Monrovia's Magic Carpet Spirea details and information. Shrubs Plants Goldmound Spirea Planting Flowers Perennials Garden Shrubs Perfect Plants Yellow Plants Shrubs For Borders. Does anyone have any experience with either of these, or both? If the ph of your soil is not correct, it may affect the ability of your spirea to absorb the fertilizer that is applied. Above: Photograph by Kurt Haubrich via Flickr. Dwarf Spirea Varieties. It would not be a bad idea to have a soil sample checked with your local Extension Service before applying fertilizer. Spirea Little Princess. 136513. Other common names Japanese spirea 'Gold Mound' . Yellow to golden leaves cover this plant in the spring, then becoming more of a green yellow shade during the growing season. Double Play Gold maintains its compact mounded shape with very little pruning, and has much brighter color than other gold spiraea varieties. The Gold Mound Spirea can be characterized by its lovely golden foliage that is prominent in the spring. Availability: In stock. The classic spring-blooming spirea for Southern gardens.

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