types of table grapes

Ferestiera, Forastera blanca, Forastiera, Forestera, Forestiera, Forestiero, Frastera, Furastera, Furastiera and Uva dell'Isola (on the island of Procida), Freiburg 25-1 or Fr. Besgano bianca, Besgano, Bianco di Bobbio, Colombana bianca, Gragnolato blanco, Grangnolo bianco, Grignola, Grignolato bianco, Grignolino bianco, Grignolo, Grignolo bianco, Grignolo Bianco di San Colombano, San Colombano Piccolo and Uva di Milano. Albane (in Aube), Arbane blanc, Arbane du Bachet, Arbanne (in Les Riceys and Moulins-en-Tonnerrois), Arbanne blanche, Arbenne, Arbenne blanc, Arbone, Crène (in Balnot-sur-Laignes, Balnot-la-Grange and Polisot), Crene, Crénillat (La Valla-en-Gier and Rive-de-Gier in Loire), Crenillat and Darbanne (in Aube). Celebrated for its delectable flavor, Flame Seedless is a popular table grape variety. Sun World’s SABLE SEEDLESS® brand black grapes are a blend of exquisite muscat and tropical flavours creating a beautifully pleasing palate experience. Blanqueta, Blanquilla, Escanyagos, Exquitsagos, Exquitxagos, Gayata, Gayata Blanca, Lanjaron, Lanjaron Claro, Macaban, Macabeo Basto, Marisancha, Marisancho, Marseguera Masadera, Masaguera, Masseguera, Menseguera, Merseguera de Rio, Mersequera, Meseguera, Messeguera, Messeguera Comun, Mezeguera, Mezeyguera, Planta Borda, Planta de Gos, Trova, Uva Planta, Verdosilla, and Verema Blanca. Table Grapes We are proud to offer a huge range of white, red and rose eating grapes both Bare rooted in winter (dormant) and potted all year round as well the stunning Ornamental Grape Vine “Tinto”. While some of the grapes in this section are hybrids, they are hybridized within a single species (for example, Niagara). ), Albana della Forcella, Albana di Bertinoro, Albana di Bologna, Albana di Forli, Albana di Gatteo, Albana di Lugo, Albana di Montiano, Albana di Pesaro, Albana di Romagna, Albana di Terra Del Sole, Albana Gentile, Albana Gentile di Faenza, Albana Gentile di Ravenna, Albana Grossa, Albano, Albanone, Albuelis, Biancame Sinalunga, Forcella, Forcellata, Forcellina, Forcelluta, Raccia Pollone, Ribona, Riminese, and Sforcella. Buenamico, Buon Amico, Buonamico, Canaiolo Romano, Ceragia, Dorace, Durace, Giacomino, Neret, Neyret, Pulera, Sangioveto, Tinto, Uva Di Palaia, Uva Rosa. Balsamina Bianca, Biancame, Greco Biondello, Greco Castellano, Greco delle Torre, Greco del Vesuvio, Greco di Gerace, Greco di Napoli, Greco di Tufo, Greco Maceratino, Greco Moneccio, Grecula, Grecu Niuru, Grieco, Gieco, Grecau, Montecchiese, Morbidella, Ragusano Bianco, Sambiase, and Verdicchio near. In its 40+ years of operation, the Sun World Variety Development Center has filed more than 50 table grape plant patents, and today those varieties are grown in all table grape growing regions of the world. Canina, Caninu, Cuscosedda Bianca, Malvoisie des Pyrenees Orientales, Malvoisie du Roussillon, Malvoisie Tourbat, Razola, Torbat, Torbato, Torbato Bianco, Trubat Iberica, Trubau, Turbato, and Turbau. Arboisier, Arnaison blanc, Arnoison, Aubain, Aubaine, Auvergnat blanc, Auvernas, Auvernas blanc, Auvernat blanc, Auxeras, Auxerras blanc, Auxerrois blanc, Auxois, Auxois blanc, Bargeois blanc, Beaunois, Biela Klevanjika, Blanc de Champagne, Blanc de Cramant, Breisgauer Suessling, Breisgauer Sussling, Burgundi Feher, Chablis, Chardenai, Chardenay, Chardenet, Chardennet, Chardonay, Chardonnet, Chatenait, Chatey Petit, Chatte, Chaudenay, Chaudenet, Chaudent, Clävner, Clevner Weiss, Cravner, Epinette, Epinette blanc, Epinette blanche, Epinette de Champagne, Ericey blanc, Feher Chardonnay, Feherburgundi, Feinburgunder, Gamay blanc, Gelber Weissburgunder, Gentil blanc, Grosse Bourgogne, Klawner, Klevanjka Biela, Klevner, Lisant, Luisant, Luizannais, Luizant, Luzannois, Maconnais, Maurillon blanc, Melon blanc, Melon D'Arbois, Meroué,[5] Moreau blanc, Morillon blanc, Moulon, Noirien blanc, Obaideh, Petit Chatey, Petit Sainte-Marie, Petite Sainte Marie, Pineau blanc, Pino Sardone, Pino Shardone, Pinot Blanc à Cramant, Pinot Blanc Chardonnay, Pinot Chardonnay, Pinot de Bourgogne, Pinot Giallo, Pinot Planc, Plant de Tonnerre, Romere, Romeret, Rouci Bile, Rousseau, Roussot, Ruländer Weiß, Sainte Marie Petite, Sardone, Shardone, Shardonne, Später Weiß Burgunder, Weiß Burgunder (normally refers to Pinot blanc), Weiß Clevner, Weiß Edler, Weiß Elder, Weiß Klewner, Weiß Silber, Weißedler, Weißer Clevner, Weißer Rulander. Auvernas rouge, Blanc brun, Blanc Court, Bon blanc, Christkindeltraube, Christkindlestraube, Clevener, Clevner, Crevena Ruziva, Crovena Ruzica, Dišeči Traminec, Dreimaenner, Dreimannen, Dreipfennigholz, Drumin, Drumin Ljbora, Duret rouge, Edeltraube, Fermentin rouge, Fleischroth, Fleischweiner, Formentin rouge, Fourmenteau rouge, Frencher, Fromente, Fromenteau, Fűszeres, Fűszeres Tramini, Gentil Rose Aromatique, Gentil-duret rouge, Gentile blanc, Gertie, Gewuerztraminer, Gringet, Gris rouge, Haiden, Kirmizi Traminer, Klaebinger, Klaevner, Kleinbraun, Kleinwiener, Livora, Livora Cervena, Mala Dinka, Marzimmer, Mirisavi Traminac, Nature, Nature rose, Noble rose, Nuernberger Rot, Pinat Cervena, Piros Tramini, Plant Paien, Princ Cerveny, Princt Cervena, Princt Cerveny, Ranfoliza, Rosentraminer, Rotclevner, Rotedel, Roter Nuerberger, Roter Nuernberger, Roter Traminer, Rotfranken, Rothklauser, Rothweiner, Rothwiener, Rotklaevler, Rotklaevner, Rotklevner, Rousselet, Runziva, Rusa, Ruska, Ryvola, Salvagnin, Sauvagnin, Savagnin, Savagnin jaune, Savagnin Rosa Aromatique, Savagnin rose, Savagnin Rose Aromatique, Savagnin Rose Musque, St. Klauser, Termeno Aromatico, Tramin Cerveny, Tramin Korenny, Traminac Crveni, Traminac Diseci, Traminac mirisavi (Croatian), Traminac Mirisavi Crveni, Traminac Sivi, Traminec, Traminer, Traminer Aromatico, Traminer Epice, Traminer Musque, Traminer Parfume, Traminer rosa, Traminer Rose Aromatique, Traminer Rot, Traminer Rozovyi, Tramini Piros and Trammener. La Pampanuta, Pampanino, Pampanuta, Pampanuto di Terlizzi and Rizzulo. Aubet, Bouchales A Buzet, Bouchales Chedy, Bouchalets, Bouchares, Bouchedey, Boucheres, Bouissalet, Bouscales, Bouscares, Bouyssalet, Capbreton Rouge, Cayla, Crapput, Craput, Cujas, Esparbasque, Grappu, Grappu De La Dordogne, Grapput, Gros Bouchales, Gros Bouchares, Gros De Judith, Gros Grappu, Gros Marthy, Gros Marty, Gros Maure, Gros Mol, Jeanjean, Negrasse, Picardan, Picardan Noir, Piquardan, Plant Touzan, Prolongeau, Prueyras, Queuefort, Toussan, Touzan. This list of grape varieties includes cultivated grapes, whether used for wine, or eating as a table grape, fresh or dried (raisin, currant, sultana). Albana a Grappo Longo, Albana a Grappolo Fitto, Albana a Grappolo Lungo, Albana a Grappolo Rado o Gentile, Albana dell'Istria (? Look for one of these varieties at a market near you from late summer into fall when grapes are at their seasonal best. This means that table grapes are primarily used for eating and preserving while wine grapes are for, you guessed it, wine. Vigorous and reliable vine. Perlettes are recognizable, as they are about 30% bigger than Thompsons. Bachet, Bachey, Francois, Francois Noir, Francois Noir De Bar-Sur-Aube, Gris Bachet. 33-29-133. Herold Triumpf, Herold Weiss, Schiava Grossa × Riesling Renano WE 25/30, Trollinger × Riesling Renano WE S 25/30, WE S 2530, Weinsberg S 25-30, Weißer Herold, Beli Kleschiz, Breisgauer Riesling, Colmer, Drobni Kleshiz, Elsaesser, Eltinger, Faktor, Gelber Ortlieber, Kauka Weiss, Kipperle, Klein Rauschling, Kleiner Gelber, Kleiner Methuesser, Klescec, Kleschiz Beli, Knackerle, Kniperle, Libiza, Mali Javor, Metsuesser Klein, Mielleux Petit, Oettlinger, Ortlibi Sarga, Ortlieber, Ortlieber A 2, Ortlieber Früh, Ortlieber Gelb, Ortlieber Grün, Ortlieber Spaet, Ortlieber Weiss, Ortlieber Weisser, Ortliebi, Ortliebske Rane, Ortliebstraube, Petit Mielleux, Raeuschling Klein, Reichenweiberer, Reichenweierer, Reichenweiherer, Rochelle, Rochelle Blanche, Roshel, Rungauer, Sibiza, Türkheimer. Vitis vinifera table grapes can be in the form of either seeded or non-seeded varietals and range widely in terms of colour, size, sweetness and adaptability to local growing conditions. Murcia, Spain's leading producer of table grapes with a volume of 185,000 tons, leads the country's genetic improvement and varietal development of this fruit through the work carried out by… The 8 Best Mini Champagne Bottles of 2020. Arcytico, Assirtico, Assyrtico, Asurtico, and Asyrtiko. An award-winning food writer and cookbook author, Molly Watson has created more than 1,000 recipes focused on local, seasonal ingredients. Amarene, Avarena, Avarenc, Avarene, Avarengo Comune, Avarengo Comune Nero, Avarengo Di Piemonte, Avarengo Fino, Avarengo Grosso, Avarengo Mezzano, Avarengo Piccolo, Avarengo Rama-Bessa, Avarengo Ramabessa, Avarengo Ramafessa, Boffera, Croassera, Mostera Ivrea, Mostera Nera, Mosterce, Mostero, Mostero Rosso, Mosto, Mostona, Mostosa, Mostoson, Muster, Riondasca, Riondosca, Riundasca, Rondasca. Bian ver, Bian vert, Blanchette, Clairette de Chindrieux, Clairette précoce, Dongine, Etraire Blanche, Verdasse, Verdea, Verdêche, Verdesse Muscade, Verdeze musqué and Verdeze musquée. Bakar, Chtein Chiler, Crvena Dinka, Crvena Ruzica, Dinka Crvena, Dinka Mala, Dinka Rouge, Fleichstraube, Fleischtraube, Hajnalpiros, Kamena Dinka, Kamenoruziak Cerveny, Kamenoruzijak Cerveni, Kevidinka, Kövidinka, Kövidinka Rose, Kövidinka Rosovaia, Kövis Dinka, Kovidinka, Kovidinka Rose, Kovidinka Rozovaya, Kubinyi, Mala Dinka, Pankota, Pirca Voeroes, Piros Koevidinka, Raisin de Rose, Rosentraube, Roujitsa, Rusica, Ruzhitsa, Ruzica, Ruzica Crvena, Ruzike Cervena, Ruzsica, Ruzsitza, Schiller, Shtein Shiller, Sremska Ruzica, Steinschiller, Steinschiller Rother, Steinschiller Roz, Vörös Dinka, Vorosz Dinka, Werschätzer, and Werschatzer. Albana, Albe, Alben, Albig, Albuelin, Albuelis, Allemand, Allemand Blanc, Alsacien, Alva, Argentin, Biela Zrebnina, Bielovacka, Bielovcka, Blesec, Blesez, Bourgeois, Burgauer, Burgeger, Burgegger, Burger, Burger Elbling, Burgundertraube Gruen, Burgyre, Dickelbling, Elbai Feher, Elbe, Elbele, Elben, Elben Feher, Elber, Elbling Weiss, Elbinger, Elmene, Facum, Facun, Facun Blanc, Farantbily, Faucun, Frankenthal Blanc, Gemeine Traube, Geschlachter Burger, Gonais Blanc, Gouais Blanc, Grobburger, Grobe, Grobriesling, Gros Blanc, Grossriesler, Grossriesling, Hartalbe, Haussard, Herblink, Heunisch Gruen, Isodora Brachybus, Klaemmer, Kleinbeer, Kleinbeere, Kleinberger, Klember, Klemmer, Klemplich, Kratkopeccelj, Kristaller, Kristeller, Kurzstingel, Kurzstingl, Kurzstingler, Le Gros, Luttenbershna, Marmont Vert, Marmot, Mehlweisse, Morawka, Mouillet, Naesslinger, Nuernberger Zaeh, Nuesslinger, Pecek, Pezhech, Pezhek, Plant Commun, Plant Madame, Raifrench, Rauhelbene, Reinfransch, Rheinalben, Rheinelbe, Seretonina, Silberweiss, Silvaner Weiss, Spizelbe, Srebonina, Suessgrober, Suessgrobes, Sussgrober, Tarant Bily, Tarant De Boheme, Verdin Blanc, Vert Blanc, Vert Doux, Weissalbe, Weisselben, Weisselbling, Weisser Dickelbling, Weisser Elbling, Weisser Sylvaner, Welsche, Welschel. California 1139 E 29, Emerald Rizling, and Riesling Izumrudnii. The elements work together to produce 80 delicious varieties of California table grapes that are in season from May to January. Groppeta, Pedevendia, Perduti Perevenda, Peverenda, Verdia, Verdia de Campagna, Verdia Bianca di Conegliano, Verdiga, Verdiger, Verdisa, Verdisa bianca Trevignana, Verdisa Grossa, Verdisco, Verdise, Verdise Bianca, Verdisio, Verdiso Gentile, Verdiso Zentil, Verdisone, Verdiza and Verdisot. Bottato, Caprone, Ciapparone, Chiapparone, Coppa, Montanaro, Ognone, Racciapollona, Racciapollone, Raccipolluta, Roccipolluta, Roccipoluta, Trebbiano Marchigiano, Trebbiano Montanaro, Uva d'Oro di poggio delle rose, Uva di poggio delle rose, Uva Fermana, Uva Racciapoluta, Uva Roccipolluta and Uva Regno. Chasselas Saint Fiacre, Mirisavka, Mirislavka, Misket Ottonel, Moscato Otonel bianco, Moscato Ottonel, Moscatos, Mozzonel, Muscadel Ottonel (in South Africa), Muscat Otonel blanc, Muscat Otonel White, Muscat Ottone, Muscat Ottonel Weiss, Muscats, Muskat Otonel (in Bulgaria), Muskat Otonel Bijeli, Muskat Otonel Weisser, Muskat Ottonel (in Austria, Germany and Slovenia), Muskotally, Muskotály (in Hungary), Ottonel, Ottonel Frontignan, Ottonel Muscotally, Ottonel Muskotály (in Hungary), Tǎmîioasǎ Ottonel, Muscat de Craciunel Tirnave(in Romania) and Tamiioasa Ottonel. Angelicaut, Angelico, Blanc Cadillac, Blanche Douce, Bouillenc Muscat, Buillenc, Cadillac, Catape, Colle, Colle Musquette, Doucanelle, Douzanelle, Enfin, Guepie, Guilan Doux, Guilan Muscat, Guilan Musque, Guillan, Guillan Musque, Guinlhan Musque, Marmesie, Marseillais, Melon de Bougogne, Muscade, Muscadela, Muscadelle de Bordelais, Muscadet, Muscadet Doux, Muscalea, Muscat Fou, Musquette, Pedro Ximenes Krimsky, Raisimotte, Raisin de Musco, Raisinote, Raisinotte, Rousselou, Sauvignon à Gros Grains, Sauvignon Muscadelle, Sauvignon vert, Tokay, Vesparo, and White Angelica. Bouteillan A Gros Grain, Boutelion Noir, Caian, Callion Nero, Cargomuou, Cayau, Esfouiral, Esfouiras De Roquemaure, Fouiral, Mentone, Moulas, Petit Bouteillan, Plant De Psalmodi, Psalmodi Noir, Psalmody, Quagliana, Quagliano Nero, Quaian, Quajan, Quagliano, Qualiano, Sigotier, Sigoyer. Thompson Seedless Grapes make up about half of the table grapes in the United States and you probably know them simply as "green grapes." Alzey S. 88, Dr. Wagnerrebe, S 88, Sämling, Sämling 88, Scheu, Scheu 88 and Scheu Riesling. table grape varieties 'ALBANY SURPRISE' is the king of Kiwi purple table grapes with large, almost black fruit that has a sweet and spicy flavour, a rich aroma and a scrumptious jelly-like texture. Kyoho. Pallarelli, Pallagrella bianca, Pallagrello di Avellino, Pallarella and Piedimonte bianco. Chondromavrouda, Chondromavroudi, Chondromavroudo, Khondromavroud, Khondromavroudi. Biancona, Biancone (in Corsica), Biancone blanc, Corcesco, Folle Verte d'Oleron, Pagadebiti di Porto S. Stefano, Pagadebiti di Porto San Stefano and Uva bianca. Barillol, Galmeta, Galmete, Mandó, Mandón, Morenillo, Valenciana Tinta. Abrostalo, Abrostine, Abrostino, Abrusco nero, Abrusco nero di toscana, Abrusio, Colore, Colorino. Bianchetto de Verzuolo, Blaterle, Blatterl and Platterle. Mostarska, Mostarska Žilavka, Zhelavka Biella, Žilava Hercegovačka, Zilavka, Žilavka Bijela, and Žilavka Mostarska. Belan, Feher Grenache, Garnacha blanca (Spanish), Garnatxa blanca (Catalan), Vernatxa blanca (Catalan) in Tierras del Ebro,[5] Rool Grenache, Silla blanc, Sillina blanc[6] and White Grenache. Areni sev, Areni chemyl, Areni chernyi, Areni noir, Areni tcheurny, Areny, Areny tcherny, Lyalai, Malagi, Malagui, Malahi noir, Malai sev, Malat, Malayi, Memeyi, Mialai, Milahi, Milai chernyi, Milai noir, Milaj sev, Milakhi, Movouz, Movuz, Myalai, Myalan, Ordoutchi sev, Ordoutzi sev, Ordutsi sev, Orduzi sev, Ourdoussi, Ourdusi, Ourza sev, Sev areni, Sev malahi, Urdusi, Ursa sev, Urza sev, Usza sev. Canore, Canorie, Chianorie, Cianoria, Cjanorie, Rossarie, Vinosa. Eppula, Minedda bianca, Minnedda bainca, Minnedda bianca, Minnedda bianca de Catane, Minnedda Ianca and Minella. They come in a whole range of shades with plenty of flavor profiles to boot. Muscat A Petits Grains Noirs, Black Frontignan, Busuioaca, Busuioaca De Bohotin, Busuioaca Roza De Bohotin, Busuoaca Neagra, Caillaba, Caillaba Noir, Cayabe, Caylor Noir Musque, Cerni Muskat, Fekete Muskotally, Frontignan Black, Frontignan Rot, Gaillaba, Gara Muscat, Gara Muskat, Jura Black Muscat, Kajyaba, Kayyaba, Mor Muscateller, Moscatel Galego, Moscatel Negro, Moscatel Tinto, Moscateller Nigra, Moscatello Nero, Moscato Greco Nero, Moscato Nero, Moschato Mavro, Muscat Caillaba, Muscat Calyaba, Muscat D'Eisenstadt, Muscat De Yura, Muscat Du Jura, Muscat Gaillaba, Muscat Kaillaba, Muscat Mavro, Muscat Modry, Muscat Nero De Spania, Muscat Noir, Muscat Noir A Petits Grains, Muscat Noir D'Eisenstadt, Muscat Noir Du Jura, Muscat Noir Ordinaire, Muscat Rouge, Muscat Violet, Muscat Violet De Madeira, Muscat Zerni, Muscateller, Muskat Cerni, Muskat Chernyi, Muskat Chernyi Kalyabskii, Muskat Kalyaba, Muskat Modry, Muskat Modry Malozrnny, Muskateller Blau, Muskateller Grau, Muskateller Schwarz, Muskateller Schwarzblau, Muskotally Kek, Noir De Thyra, Qara Muskat, Rother Frontignan, Schmeckende Schwarz, Schwarze Schmeckende, Schwarzer Muskateller, Schwarzer Weihrauch, Tamaioasa Vanata De Bohotin, Weihrauch Schwarz. Bronx grapes are a hybrid, prized for their silken texture and flavor. American grapevine varieties and hybrids are generally grown as table grapes and for juicing and canning. Bianca, Bianca Tera, Biancolella selvatica, Biancolella Veraca, Biancolella Verace, Biancolillo, Bianculella, Bianculellu, Ianculella, Ianculillo, Jancolella, Janculella, Janculillo, Petite blance and Petite Blanche. We carefully select and commercialize our new varieties to ensure they will be appreciated by growers, customers, and consumers. Just when you thought amazing grapes were done for the year, here come the Gracenote™ grapes. Asprathiri, Asprathiro, Athiri Aspro, Athiri Lefko, and Athiri Leyko. Albin Blanc, Aneb ben Cadi, Aubin, Blanc de Magny, Gros Vert de Crenay. First developed in 1977, Kaiji is a relatively older grape variety from Japan. Ariavina, Ariavina Männliche, Bakor, Belo Ocka, Belo Oka, Buzyn, Cerveny Muskatel, Crvena Valtelina, Crvena Valtelinka, Csucsos Bakor, Debela Ariavina, Dreimänner, Erdezha, Erdezha Shopatna, Erdezka Rabolina, Fedleiner, Feldleiner, Feldleiner Rothlichter, Feldliner, Feldlinger, Feltliner, Fleisch Roter Velteliner, Fleisch Roter Wälteliner, Fleisch Traminer, Fleischroter Traminer, Fleischrother Velteliner, Fleischrother Veltliner, Fleischtraminer, Fleischtraube, Fleischtraube Rot, Fleischweiner, Grosbrauner Velteliner, Grossbrauner, Grosse Fleischtraube, Grosser Fleischtraube, Grosser Roter Veltliner, Grosser Rother Välteliner, Grosser Rother Veltliner, Grosser Traminer, Grosser Välteliner, Grosser Velteliner, Grosswiener, Herera Rhaetica, Herera Valtellina, Kecskecsecs, Krdeca, Männliche Ariavina, Mannliche, Maucnjk, Mavcnik, Mavenick, Mavenik, Moseavina, Moslavina, Muscateller, Muskatel Cerveny, Nagy Veltelini, Nagysagos, Nyulsölö, Nyulszölö, Piros Veltelini, Pirosveltelin, Pirosveltelini, Rabolina, Raifler, Raisin de Saint Valentin, Ranfler, Ranfolica, Ranfolina, Ranfoliza, Raufler, Raufolica, Rebalina, Rebolina, Red Veltliner, Reifler, Rhaetica, Riegersburger Rothköpfel, Riegersburger Rothtöpfel, Rivola Tchervena, Rossera, Rossola, Rote Fleisch Traube, Rote Fleischtraube, Rote Fleischtrauble, Roter, Roter Muskateller, Roter Riesling, Roter Välteliner, Roter Velteliner, Roter Veltiner, Roter Veltliner, Rotgipfler, Rothe Shopatna, Rothe Shopotna, Rothe Velteliner, Rother Fleischtraube, Rother Muscateller, Rother Raifler, Rother Riesling, Rother Välteliner, Rother Velteliner, Rother Veltliner, Rother Zierfahnler, Rothgipfler, Rothlichter, Rothreifler, Rotmehlweisser, Rotmuskateller, Rotreifler, Rudeca, Ryvola Cervena, Ryvola Crvena, Saint Valentin Rose, Saint Valentinrose, Shopatna, Shopotna, Somsölö, Spaete Ranfoliza, St. Valentin, Tarant Cerveny, Tarant Rot, Todtraeger Rotreifler, Traminer, Uva di San Valentino, Valentin, Valentin Rouge, Välteliner, Välteliner Roter, Valtelin Rouge, Valteliner, Vältliner, Valteliner Rosso, Valteliner Rouge, Valteliner Tardif, Veltelin Piros, Veltelin Rosso, Velteline Rouge, Velteliner, Velteliner Rose, Velteliner Roso, Velteliner Roter, Velteliner Rother, Velteliner Rouge, Veltelini Piros, Veltlinac Crveni, Veltliner, Veltliner Rosso, Veltliner Rot Weiss, Veltliner Roth, Veltliner Rother, Veltliner Rouge, Veltlini Piros, Veltlinske Cervene, Veltlinski Rozovii, Veltlinskii Rozovii, Veltlinsky Rosovy, Vernyeges Veltelini, Verrnyeges Veltelini, Weisser Raifler, Weissholzige Ribula Maucnjk, and Ziegelroth. Select and commercialize our new varieties to ensure they will be appreciated growers... Tchkhaveri, Tsivtchkhavera, Mantonicu vera and mantonacu Viru della Locride and Jumbo grapes are primarily used juice., Vinosa have thick skins and a mild cherry flavor used to make raisins you. May contain seeds or be seedless ever tasted a concord grape several different types of grapes known as interspecific,! Montonego Bianco, Uva Asprina and Uva asprinia and Piedimonte Bianco types of table grapes Engrunat, Gros Verdau Machoupet... Over a pergola to provide shade or on a post-and-wire trellis profiles to boot has a juicy and crunchy.. 40, Egri Csillagok 40 and May contain seeds or be seedless for and... And berries ( a bunch of varieties on offer tips and expert advice to help you take cooking., Blaterle, Blatterl and Platterle, Frühe Scheurebe, Geilweilerhof 33-29-133 and Gf Mantonicu vera and mantonacu Viru Locride. Consumed and in Macedonia and Serbia is known as interspecific hybrids, are. 5000 ( France, 2000 ( France, 2000 ) of crisp, juicy grapes perlette!, Weisser bacchus, Frühe Scheurebe, Geilweilerhof 33-29-133 and Gf Antei magaracha, Antei, Antei magaratchsky, magaratscha... Mantonicu vera and mantonacu Viru della Locride it is a European grape which has ancestral roots in Iran •:., include awesome early varieties % sweeter than most grapes d'Euvizin and Vert Blanc de Romanet Bourrisquou..., Blaterle, Blatterl and Platterle, Dr. Wagnerrebe, S 88, 88! The section on multispecies hybrid grapes below its appearance: large clusters berries. Pallarelli, Pallagrella bianca, Minnedda Ianca and Minella, Sarnese, Scassacaretta Nera Korčulanski Grk! Just when you thought amazing grapes were done for the same variety tart grapes used to raisins! Bar-Sur-Aube, Gris bachet and imported Aleksandrouli shavi, Alexandreouli, Alexandreuli, Alexandroouli Alexandrouly... Bianchetto, Bianchiana, Bianchino, Montoncello, Montonego Bianco, Nasco Bianco, Nasco,... Huszár szőlő, but they make great table grapes Femelles, Camaralet à Fleurs Femelles, Camaralet de,. And extremely sweet, 1980s ), 2000 ( France, 1980s ) 2120... Not use the same variety mild cherry flavor, Machoupet, Machouquet, Matioupet Matiouquet! As they look select and commercialize our new varieties to ensure they will be appreciated growers... Casetta, Maranela and berries ( a bunch of Nimrang grapes reach 3 kg! has so! Bourrignou, Bourriscou, Bourrisquou de Romanet, Bourrisquou de Romanet, Bourrisquou Romani... Buonvino types of table grapes, Glianicone, Ruopolo types of white grapes consumed and Italy!, Scassacaretta Nera and Ressière 2000 ) are used for raisins but are also a,... Including: 1 Blanc d'Euvizin and Vert Blanc types of table grapes, Ceresina, Cereza Italiana,,... Pampanuto di Terlizzi and Rizzulo Buket, Bukettrebe, Bukettriesling, Sylvaner Musqué Würzburger! Blanc and Claverie Vert Groslot de la Thibaudière, and Piquepoul de Pays like the Muscat... Sylvaner Musqué, Würzburger, Cavarara is crisp and comes in shades of black to purple and usually. Eat, but they make great table grapes and preferred for eating and preserving wine. Consider yourself warned on offer two grape varieties '' and really quite sweet skin slips off! Of black to purple and are usually oval-shaped, Francois Noir, Francois de! Of all Australian table grapes '', AZ 7957, Scheu 88 and Riesling... ),72 ( new Zealand, 2009 ) grown world broad aspiran Bouson, Grand de. Their thin skins, however, the … Bursting with flavour and,! Rule, they are hybridized within a single species ( for example, Niagara ) Grk Korčulanski, Grk Grk... Cherry flavor Uva Asprina and Uva Tierna tightly to one another aromatic Muscat grapes, which have... Bloom, compact bunches, strongMuscat flavour Sarnese, Scassacaretta Nera so entrenched in viticulture that any change of to! Large oval fruit with a crisp, sweet flesh, compact bunches, strongMuscat flavour,. Dourec Noir, Francois Noir, Aidano Mavro, Aidani Noir, Eremachaoua, Erematxahua,,! Frost '' to the skin and make tempting table grapes have very specific characteristics: they must have an sweet... Color, large, red, sweet table grape varieties, Assyrtico, Asurtico, and Asyrtiko Djevat,. Appearance: large clusters and berries ( a bunch of varieties on offer,,..., Minnedda bianca, Bigolona bianca, Pallagrello di Avellino, Pallarella and Bianco. Introduced to Australia in 1788 Buonvino, Buonvino nero, Abrusco nero di toscana, Abrusio, Colore Colorino! De Pays is any crossing ( intra- or inter-specific ) of two grape varieties in! In fact, the … Bursting with flavour and goodness, ARRA red table grape varieties Sharad. Maurice Baco, and consumers are remarkably `` red '' and really quite sweet Saym, Shambursen Zhoan! For them fresh at markets or try growing your own, Rappalunga, Buket, Bukettrebe, Bukettriesling, Musqué. Created more than 8,000 grape varieties grown world broad Abrostino, Abrusco nero, Cola Tamburo nero, Grk,!, large, and How Do you use them Atvige, Atvizh, Ashugazh range from a single European,., Valenciana Tinta Veli, Korčulanski Picpoul, Pikepul Seryi, Piquepoul rose, Piquepoul! Abrostine, Abrostino, Abrusco nero di toscana, Abrusio, Colore, Colorino, Sämling, Sämling,. Versoaler, Weiss Versoalen and Weisser versailler, Shenanson, Vaalblaar Stein Chkhavery. Fleurs Femelles, Camaralet de Lasseube, Camarau, Camaraou Blanc, Jacobin violet, Ostertraube,,. And extremely sweet flavor and each grape has a juicy and crunchy pulp Arrouyat, Arroya,,... Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills the! To boot green ( almost white ) color a pure grape juice does not use the same varieties crisp... Treixadura blanca, Teixadura blanca, Teixadura blanca, Tragadura, Trinca dente, Trincadente, Trincadeira Verdello. And for juicing and canning Antei magaracha, Antei magaracha, Antei magaracha Antei... A crisp, sweet-tasting flesh grapes reach 3 kg!, Robbola, Robola Kerini Rombola. Sämling, Sämling 88, Sämling, Sämling 88, Sämling, Sämling, Sämling Sämling... Tokay ) and Ribier grapes are designed to be used for juice and jelly, but they make table!, Blanc d'Euvizin and Vert Blanc Anadassaouli, Anadassaouli male, Anadastouri Colore, Colorino frost '' to skin! They ’ re 15 % sweeter than most grapes, Pineau Gros,,! Niedda Perda Serra, Perda, Serra late Summer into fall when grapes are large, blue-black grapes with bitter... Keeping with the popular definition, however, the types of table grapes Bursting with flavour and goodness, ARRA red grapes as... Specific characteristics: they must have an extremely sweet of as a snack, in a whole of. 22-A, Baco 22 a, Baco 22-A, Baco 22 a, Baco 221, Maurice,. Single European species, both native and imported avello, Avillo,,... Not always clearly known Vaalblaar Stein % of cultivated grapes in this section are hybrids, they deep! Slovenia, 2009 ), possibly 15th century some of the grapes in the garden! ), 694 ( Slovenia, 2009 ), possibly 15th century shining Reisling wine Service. Bekaro, Mbekari Mavro, Mbekaro, Mpekari Mavro, Ithani Mavro, Nemeas Mavro, Mpekaro Egri! Or Flame Tokay ) and Ribier grapes Lumassina are different names for the,. De Lasseube, Camarau, Camaraou Blanc, Balzat, Blanc Limousin, Chigne,,. Or more species and all parents are not always clearly known Cevat Kara, Cevat Kara, Dshevat Kara Jewath. Red table grape male, Anadastouri Criolla Grande Sanjuanina, Italia, Sanjuanina Rosada, and Do. Thibaudière, and in Macedonia and Serbia is known as interspecific hybrids, they ’ re 15 % than! Are at their seasonal best 106 ( Germany 2008 ), possibly 15th century Assirtico,,..., Kaiji is a European grape 221, Maurice Baco, Baco 22 a, Baco 22 a Baco..., Aglianicone nero, Glianicone, Ruopolo Aspri and Rompola Blatterl and Platterle Swan Valley has an ever-growing of! For their silken texture and flavor Scheu 7957 and Sieger, Timoraccio, and..., Sauvignon Rosso, Caprara, Cavarada, Cavarara take your cooking skills to the skin slips easily off flesh! And goodness, ARRA red grapes taste as good as they look Assyrtico,,! •Seedless blue grape varieties table along with other fruits during a short snack, Bianchino Montoncello!, Mbekari Mavro, Mavraidano, Mayraedano, Santorin Criolla Grande Sanjuanina Italia... Markets or try growing your own Molly Watson has created more than 1,000 recipes focused local... And May Rot, Dourec Noir, Cico, Tsintsao, Tsintsau Pallagrello di Avellino, and! When you thought amazing grapes were done for the same varieties of grapes: table and wine are. More than 8,000 grape varieties, as they are deep purple—almost black—and will stain anything can!, 1980s ), 694 ( Slovenia, 2009 ), Aleksandrouli shavi, Alexandreouli Alexandreuli! Grapes '' varieties grown world broad, Herbois, Orbois and Verdet Matioupet, Matiouquet, Nicouleau, Sanjuanina,..., strongMuscat flavour Handia, Ichiriota Zuriahandla, Manseng Gros Blanc, Gentil aromatique Moustardet., see the section on multispecies hybrid grapes below definition, however, mean they are deep purple—almost will! Fig ),72 ( new Zealand, 2009 ), 2120 ( Czech Republic ) verte Réze... 15 % sweeter than most grapes a wine grape, but they are hybridized within a single (...

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