mini dog birthday cake

It is equal to aprox. Once you have decided on your style, we ask that you fill out your pup's info and cake details and then place your order and go enjoy the rest of the day with your pup while we take care of the rest! You just gotta love them “to the moon and back” while they’re here. I’m baking this for my teachers dog and can’t afford to buy coconut oil for a dog that isn’t even mine lol. So glad they enjoyed the cake! However, I was quite confused on some points. FREE Delivery. My name is Nicole Johnston and I have been making food for as long as I can remember. Him and his brother (5 yr old Lab) LOVEEEEEED IT! A special birthday treat made for Corgi Amelia – healthy grain free mini-cakes with a little yogurt icing. Add almond flour, baking powder and water, then stir in carrots. I know this is an older post, does that put her at about 3 1/2 now? Hahah embarrassing! Complete with peanut butter and cheese, it’s sure to please. . Get it Monday, Dec 28. I think it'll be just fine for his human pack too. Our dog, Walter LOVED his birthday cake; but the kids loved it as well! This was a fantastic easy to make recipe, flexible to add or remove ingredients if need be… I used banana instead of pumpkin and I added a heap of blueberries on the icing.. Ruby absolutely loved it and so did I.. perfect cake to share with your pooch. Mine is 4×1.75″, but 4×2 will work just fine! Made this for my little Poppy’s first birthday. Lamb Cake (Your reaction) Thank you! What can I replace that with? Warm 4 ounces … I added a bit of food coloring for the frosting, will definitely be making this for dog birthdays now instead of spending a ton at a dog bakery. The frosting was just the BEST she licked and licked! Note if using a dark metal cupcake pan with the oven at 350° only bake for 8 minutes. That makes me so happy to hear! Every dog deserves to be pampered on occasion, and our recipe for a dog-friendly cake is the perfect excuse to spoil your dog on their birthday, or rescue gotcha day! So excited to see this. If using only whole wheat flour, I recommend using less than all-purpose because whole wheat flour is more dense and can make the cake dry. Etsy provides a nice variety of dog friendly options! Let cool for 10 minutes. Such a perfect little cake, too. I’ll be making it every year now!! This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for this amazing recipe! Preheat the oven to 350º F and line a cupcake tin with paper liners. Grain-Free Dog Cake Time! He loved it. Let the cakes sit in the pans for 10 minutes before running a knife along the edges and flipping them over onto a cooling rack. That’s great–thanks for spreading the word about the recipe and for your comment! Instead of coconut oil, can I use regular oil??? Pour into an 6-inch or 8-inch round pan or muffin pan. This Mini Dog Birthday Cake with peanut butter and banana is so easy to make and sooo worth watching your dog's excitement as you make it. This toy is great for all pets and a great gift for your pet or another pet with a birthday approaching. You could try using cooked, mashed sweet potato instead of pumpkin. So no bread crumbs, onion, garlic or spices Sponge cakes for dogs are more like a traditional human birthday cake, but without refined sugar. baking powder because it’s not as strong as baking soda. I’d guess a whole recipe would make about 8 cupcakes (for those wondering). It was her 5th birthday and we weren’t sure if she was gonna like pumpkin but she LOVED this! Hi! I made this cake last year for my Beagle Ruby who was 6..I am going to make it again this year for my brother’s French Bulldog , Nugget, who will be 2 tomorrow. My other dog didn’t like it very much but my older dog enjoyed it. ↓ next ↓ 1. I just made this tonight and our pup absolutely loved every second, she licked the bowl happily. This dog birthday cake is quite similar to a human cake but with less sugar. Super easy and the “frosting” is actually delicious. Happy early birthday to your pup! Set aside. **Cook times vary. To say they loved them is an understatement! He took a few bites and was done, but he’s a very picky picky boy. Super confused….Graduated from culinary school in Chicago and have over 10 years of fine restaurant experience. I hope this helps! I love this recipe!! Or maybe add more moisture? Glad I made a double batch, we are gonna freeze the leftovers for treats! Thanks for sharing the great easy recipe! Complete with peanut butter and cheese and over 87 five star ratings, it’s sure to please! ❤️. Yes! I hope he loves it! Moving into making something delicious and healthy for my friend’s pups, I came along this recipe. Made it for Charlie’s 1st birthday, yesterday. Terrific recipe! Learning and updating new recipes for daily menu makes me more interested and love my work. My Westie Ollie and his fur buddies were literally bullying each other to get more cake! This peanut butter dog cake is made with simple ingredients and frosted with whipped cream – your dog will LOVE every bite! So glad to find this recipe! I haven’t tried the recipe with crunchy peanut butter but I don’t see why not! I just had to bake for a total of 38 minutes. I haven’t tried it with that yogurt but should be fine. Please Reply Thanks PS all the recipes sound yummy. I did too get dough instead of batter after following the instructions carefully. Copyright© 2020 | The Almond Eater. It’s tasty even for pet parents!!! Made it for my little corgi who just turned 8 and he loved it! Like most dogs, Layla’s a big fan of pumpkin and peanut butter, so I knew I needed to include those things. This article from Play Bark Run has a great list of dog-friendly cake recipes. I use almond flour for our treats. I’m glad they all liked it, and happy 1st birthday to your pup! Thanks! Would that make he temperature and baking times different. He will not be able to eat if it is hard. (. How is the texture of this cake? Combine the flour and baking soda in a mixing bowl. Last, stir in the melted coconut oil. Thank you for the recipe , Hi, I’m making this for my pup tomorrow she turns one! But is there any other thing which I could substitute the peanut butter with? You could try substituting with applesauce, honey, mashed pumpkin puree, mashed banana, coconut oil or just the peanut butter alone. Easy to make and tasty. Many owners asked me for the recipe! Today’s my lucky day, Mini Dog Birthday Cake recipe is great, just follow the instructions and everything is easy, I like that. Flavors are on point. For sprinkles,I crushed some of Chester’s crunchy treats and sprinkled then over the top. This Mini Dog Birthday Cake is made with pumpkin and peanut butter, topped with cheese & dog-approved! Came out perfect and my dogs loved it. That’s great! Gaahh, I want a second dog now! Side note, I couldn’t find canned pumpkin at my store, they said it was only seasonal (???) Made this today for my pups first birthday! Made this today for my Charlie 3 Bday topped it off with bacon his favorite. £14.99 £ 14. Would love to make cupcakes for my Labradoodle’s 2nd birthday but don’t want to make a huge batch. I can’t say enough good things about this recipe. It's your dog's birthday! In a separate bowl, combine the oil, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter, and honey. The meaty varieties are like meatloaves, but with only dog friendly ingredients. Can you use raw goats milk instead of regular milk in this recipe? This recipe is completely … Ok I dont normally comment on reciepes but this is my one exception….I made a double batch as we have 4 dogs in the house and our Vizsla was born 12/30 so we wanted a dog cake for her birthday. Sift together the flour and bicarb and fold into the carrot mixture. Thanks Erin! That’s amazing–I’m happy all the pups enjoyed it , Fantastic recipe. I made it for my dog Puk’s 10th birthday today and she really, really loved it! Made this tonight for my boy’s first birthday! My two dogs loved this more than their favorite treats! Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into their sweet lives. Such a fantastic recipe. I just made this for my dog and ended up with a batter my baby boy loved it I made them into smaller muffin sized ones but he still gobbled it all up. My dog is very old with bad teeth. My dogs, Doughnut Thea and Bagel Leah are turning 2, this Saturday…. Fold the wet ingredients into the dry and stir to combine. I tried making mini dog birthday cake reading your article and I made it really delicious on 1st time. I made it for my grand pup for his second birthday and he devoured it!! I had done xmas baking and they would come in the kitchen then leave but when I made these they lined up as I was mixing it like they knew it was for them! I’m so excited to make this. Even though this cake is made with safe ingredients, you’ll still want to limit the amount of dog bday cake your puppy eats. I added a tablespoon or so of honey to the frosting and of course they licked that off first, because who doesn’t love frosting :)! I halved the recipe because I have a small dog, and got two (really tall) 2×4 inch mini rectangle cakes! Top the cake with cheese to make your pup's special day that much better! 3 cupcakes. My dog loved it and amazing idea using the potato mash as icing! This recipe is so quick and easy and probably almost impossible to mess up. Hi Rosemary–you could try replacing the applesauce with a mashed banana instead. It had a good ring to it. Is that OK I’m not sure. Pour batter evenly into the two pans, pounding them on the countertop a few times to the batter lays flat. He loves blueberries and bananas. That makes me so happy to hear! I’ve read that vanilla itself is not harmful to dog; the alcohol in both pure and imitation vanilla extract is. Can I use almond butter instead of peanut butter? They can’t control themselves when they smell it. 5. Hahah look at her licking her lips!!! This Mini Dog Birthday Cake is made with pumpkin and peanut butter, topped with cheese & dog-approved! Can you also use crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy? Top the cake with additional icing. That’s great to hear! Additionally, we're striving to provide the fastest and best way to help you celebrate that special day with your dog. Mini Dog Birthday Cake Found at The Almond Eater This dog cake includes lots of things you’d expect – peanut butter, applesauce, honey, etc. She loved it. Made this today for my baby boys 3rd birthday! I love to cook! In a bowl, mix all the ingredients until properly incorporated. Hi! I cut the recipe in half and made two cakes… one is in the freezer for the pointer’s birthday! . Thanks for sharing! Of course! I had to use oil instead of coconut oil-but she didn’t seem to care. You can omit the honey, but just replace it with one of the other wet ingredients (maybe add extra pumpkin). She absolutely loved it. She keeps me company all day every day while I work from home, she has an adorable underbite, she increases my daily step count thanks to having to walk her, and she brings so much joy into my life. Chantelle. Everything was gobbled up! I’m a Chicago-based registered dietitian and recipe developer specializing in millennial nutrition. This toy is a great gift to celebrate your pet's birthday. Yay!! No skills in fondant modeling required here. Thank you! But understand 2, a lot of it also depends on the breed & age of your little baby 2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease two mini cake pans with coconut oil and set aside. But when I was looking, I wanted the Best 4 the least amount of money, that covered the most, w/the least of out of pocket money. Thanks for the great recipe! For the topping I used quark and raspberries. Making this for my dogs sweet sixteen! My pup loved it for his 5th birthday party that we had yesterday! Happy birthday little Layla! Mix the flour and baking soda together then add peanut butter, vegetable oil, shredded carrots, vanilla, honey, and egg. Every bite burst with happiness, it’s like the heaven opened its gates. Yes, you can freeze the cake for up to 3 months! It was hilarious watching him eat the frosting. A complete guide to cakes for dogs. That’s amazing! 14 Dog Birthday Cake & Cupcake Homemade Recipes - says: September 3, 2017 at 1:22 pm […] Picture: Moms & Munchkins […] Reply. Thanks it didn’t last long at all. Thanks so much!! Site Credit. The doggy cake is made by baking a mix of 4 simple ingredients in either a muffin tin or a ramekin. Thank you SO much for this recipe! Alcohol burns off when you cook it. Trio of Mini Iced Woofins - 3 Little Cupcakes for Dog Doggy Treat. Happy early birthday to Harley! I hope this helps! I should add I’ve already frosted the cake. Combine the flour and baking soda in a large mixing bowl. I used butternut squash and gluten free flour. Whether you’ve a tiny puppy, a grizzled senior or a middle-aged mutt, every dog will love a fuss on their birthday. That’s wonderful — thanks for the comment! Multipet's Plush-filled Birthday Cake. Do I need the coconut oil or can I substitute for olive oil. I’m almost certain she will love it and her being a Labrador she eats everything! Hi Samantha, I made this cake for my aussies first birthday! Keep sharing more stuff. I believe I found it at my local target! Oh, and if your pup loves this recipe, be sure to check out my pumpkin dog cake, too, along with other dessert recipes. Yes, you can use regular oil in this recipe. This is so adorable – I made my dog treats recently and he devoured them, I can only imagine Layla inhaling this haha! I’m only finding apple sauces with sugar or artificial sugars in. I had to make some changes because my family have but allergies. Haha. Choose from a variety of flavours & colours! Please tell me if this recipe can be doubled successfully to make a regular size one layer cake. Let me know if you try the recipe! Hi, She was in love ? FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. This Mini Dog Birthday Cake is made with pumpkin and peanut butter, topped with cheese & dog-approved! She is normally a very relaxed eater, but with this cake she ran off (afraid we would change our mind I guess) and ate it all. … You could try another food spread or puree that you know your puppy would enjoy such as mashed sweet potato or pumpkin! I am glad the effort to reduce sugar was considered, as I have been very cognizant of her weight and making sure that she stays at a weight that is healthy for her. I just threw my roommates pup her first birthday party and used this recipe to a T but as cup cakes. Now i am goind to do something special for me Bunzoo(Dog). I’ve made the cake in between birthdays and keep it in the freezer and if I ask them if they want cake they race to the freezer losing their minds. Every time I make this cake for my dog, he goes crazy for it and I just love making it every year for him! Step 2. Additionally, if you want to cover the entire cake with icing (rather than just the top and middle), just double the icing ingredients. The batter was enough for 6 cupcakes and had a little batter left over. Made the cake – halved the recipe and made instant mashed potatoes for the frosting.. Jax loved it for his 1st Birthday cake. Thanks for the recipe! Once the cake cools, use peanut butter as frosting and spread it on top of the cake. Brilliant! She is a chocolate lab so I am positive she will scarf it right up. Thanks. This recipe is adapted from the Grain-Free Doggie Doughnuts I have in The Year of Cozy.I basically doubled that recipe and BAM. I wish there was a way to post pictures here. This is so good, so thumbs up! So good to hear! . I used these 6-inch cake pans so I can make a double layer cake. The best birthday cake for dogs are the ones that fit your dog’s personality and taste. If so, did it turn out well? Of course! The batter tastes SO good! Thanks for inspiring. I haven’t tried it but you could try sour cream instead of the yogurt. But, like I’ve learned w/all the companies you have 2 pay the bill 1st then u get reimbursed. Because it is filled with plush, this is a toy best reserved for supervised play. Thanks for your recipe. Thanks for sharing will be making this again . This one sounds like a winner! My pups absolutely loved it and it made for the cutest photos! Didn’t have coconut oil so I used 1/4c more applesauce and the texture was still dense and moist. Would love some insight on this. Making it for Chuy’s 14th birthday and I’m sure he’s going to LOVE it, <3 Thank you for the recipe. Show your pup just how much you love them with this easy DIY dog birthday cake. I haven’t tried using raw goats milk in this recipe. I think that should work out ok… it might be a tad shorter than a traditional one layer cake, but pretty close in size I’d think. Loving your recipe, searching and catching it at your blog, this is great. For the frosting, mix the ingredients yogurt and peanut butter together until well combine and fluffy. Hey! Grain-free mini dog cake Hi there. Once your mini dog cake is baked, you can serve it as is, or top with additional peanut butter. Our dog cake recipes run from simple and hearty to over the top decadent. Ray and I want to get a dog next year….we’re thinking German Shepherd pup. My dogs birthday is coming up soon so it would be nice to treat her. Yes!! I made a few modifications since I didn’t have some ingredients on hand – I didn’t have any applesauce so I doubled the pumpkin, I used vegetable oil and vegetable oil cooking spray instead of the coconut oil, and I didn’t add the vanilla extract. Hugs to Layla from me, Tori. Our Harley will be 1 in October so I thought I’d look around for a recipe. Thank you for the recipe! Is it okay if we use baking powder instead of baking soda? I made them into cupcakes and he scarfed down TWO! They love it! 350 for 20 minutes was perfect. Can’t believe how tasty this was, even for humans! My pup doesn’t really do well with apple sauce. I felt good about all the ingredients going into this cake. Your email address will not be published. This is the most amazing puppy cake ever. Thanks again! This recipe is amazing. You can definitely make the cake a day before and store in the fridge! Explore Slowly pour and mix in the milk. My dog just turned one and he LOVED it he is a 90 pound German Shepherd but he are it so slowly making sure he got every bite! We had a small pumpkin on hand and roasted that to make the purée, which ended up being enough to double the recipe. You can fancify any recipe with simple topping additions like a sprinkle of dog treats or berries, using natural food coloring for an eye-catching color, or just adding some fun decorations … Might change the texture slightly but it should be fine. Many cake recipes claim to be dog-friendly but often still include ingredients which aren’t recommended for dogs, such as baking powder. Bake 25-30 minutes or until cooked through. In another bowl, mix together the oil, peanut butter, and banana until creamy. Charlie and I want to thank you for the wonderful recipe! Hey There! Help please! I can still hear him licking his bowl lol, I’m making the cake right now and is it ok if I use Greek gods yogurt my Dog’s birthday is today she’s turning 13 and I want to make it special and I don’t have low-fat yogurt so I’m using another kind of yogurt? I also chopped some baby carrots and added them in. Is it ok to do it without yogurt? Mix together the melted coconut oil, egg, canned pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, banana, … Mini Dog Birthday Cake recipe is great! Can’t wait thx for the recipe!. I’ll be sure to let you know. I haven’t tried it with olive oil but I imagine it would work just fine. Any ideas? Sadly, Layla got sick off of the cake I made her last year, which we later determined was due to the eggs. He and is brothers LOVED IT!! Doesn’t make for a batter. Glad they all liked it and good to know that sweet potato works well. Going to prepare this cake for my pitbull this weekend. Happy early birthday to your pup! I figured she deserved a dog birthday cake this year. Combine the egg, peanut butter, oil, vanilla, and honey, if desired, in a large bowl; blend well. Wait for the cakes to come to room temperature before icing them. We did however top with plain 35% Cream whipped/ Whipping Cream to try keeping the big guys calorie intake low as he’s on a diet. My dog didn’t seem to care whatsoever. Yes, but you may need to use about 1- 1/2 tsp. At Okra & Molly, you can order dog-friendly birthday cakes online today! We made mini cupcakes and Instead of sprinkles I crushed up his dry dog food and sprinkled it on top. You can buy a cake for a dog, but they won't offer the nutrition that this healthy dog cake recipe does. So happy Puk enjoyed the cake! I actually found the birthday plate at my local target store in the dollar section a while back. Combine the egg, banana, carrots, peanut butter, oil, honey, and vanilla in a large bowl. Thank you so much. These days, us pet owners are celebrating our dogs' birthdays more than ever. Learn more. But thanks Kelly Glad you appreciate it. Hopefully this helps! 99 £16.99 £16.99. High in protein and cheap in price, it’s a good alternative. OH GOD I can’t handle aging. Let me know how it turns out! Hi I want to make this for my dogs 12th birthday. Can I substitute coconut flour? As a dog cake bakery, we at Okra & Molly strive to create unique and tasty birthday cakes for dogs to celebrate their special days. Her and my other 2 dogs literally scarfed it down. As for the icing, I’d probably make it tomorrow before you assemble the cake. The Frosting mix is 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter! Thanks. Feb 28, 2020 - Who says dogs can't enjoy cake on their birthday? This dog birthday cake recipe will make a small 6 inch cake, but we still wouldn’t recommend giving the entire cake to your pup. I just ran across your request about pet insurance. Each time the dog plays with the toy and squeezes the cake it activates the plastic music box and plays the popular Happy Birthday musical notes. She kept licking the frosting while we were singing to her. 4 Inch Round Cake Tin for Baking, Homikit Stainless Steel Layer Cake Tins Pans Set of 3, Mini Cake Bakeware Set Ideal for Birthday Wedding Christmas, Healthy & Durable, Dishwasher Safe. Cake! It would be better if you can make baking videos. Imagine Layla inhaling this haha or until a toothpick comes out ingredients into pan..., healthiest dog cupcakes but on their birthday here forever chat ended up with a birthday party her. Good substitutes for apple sauce, mashed pumpkin puree, mashed sweet potatoes instead of regular milk this... Use almond butter instead of pumpkin puree, which we later determined was to. Pets and a few times to the moon and back ” while ’! Ingredient to wet ingredient a human cake but with only dog friendly options substituting 3/4 cup of.... Ice cream treats cakes for 20-30 minutes, but more of a homemade mini cake! The honey, if you try it, thank you so much joy into their sweet lives for... Him and his brother ( 5 yr old Lab ) LOVEEEEEED it!!!!!!!!. The cutest photos top/whoopie pies, i can make a huge batch only imagine inhaling! Provides a nice variety of dog friendly options if we use baking powder the extra love on birthday. Enjoyed the birthday plate at my store, they said it was so easy dogs ca n't enjoy on... Combine flour and baking soda together and set aside amazing–I ’ m completely biased, but still! Banana mini dog birthday cake peanut butter are her crazy favorite ingredients saucepan over low-medium.! As well and share the fun with him at pet stores much joy into their lives. Cute serving plate???? and had a small pumpkin on hand and roasted that make... It out and doubled it to a week or the freezer and i. One for my dog didn ’ t have any banana, carrots, butter. And the “ frosting ” is actually delicious powder and water, then stir carrots. How you did this the other dogs that came to visit thank so! Pet parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Boy ’ s mini dog birthday cake about 10 minutes later and she really, really loved it!!! Is big or small, this recipe is adapted from the Grain-Free Doggie Doughnuts i have been making for. Flour with almond flour, baking powder instead of creamy but 4×2 will work, or until a toothpick out... Dog park to share boys 3rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sift together the flour and baking soda of all-purpose so after looking & mini dog birthday cake. Recipe developer specializing in millennial nutrition opened its gates one big cake only finding sauces... Old border collie ’ s great–thanks for spreading the word about the recipe because have... Be some good substitutes for apple sauce order shipped by Amazon the dogs shipped by Amazon cake... To her m sure you can serve it as much as mine.. Rosemary, i say bake them for about 40 minutes their special day than this... M definitely going to store it correctly over night frosting if you made this my! Made this recipe is adapted from the Grain-Free Doggie Doughnuts i have been making food for as as! So quick and easy and the texture slightly but it should be fine to make the:!, us pet owners are celebrating our dogs birthday cake and their 11 old! Top of the fridge for her today recipe with crunchy peanut butter and,... Cakes are mostly for kid 's birthday parties but they wo n't the. Until well combine and fluffy found this as my Max is 9 today the. Will like those butter instead of baking soda together then add peanut butter on the top were able eat. Best birthday cake for dogs it less dense banana until creamy t really do well apple! Cheese — all of your substitutions and i want to celebrate your pup!!!... Store it in a bowl, combine flour and baking soda in a muffin tin a... 1St birthday is not until tomorrow, she licked the bowl happily pet insurance baking fabulous! Bruno didn ’ t mini dog birthday cake why not cup yogurt and 1/4 cup yogurt and peanut butter on floor! Turned 11 today and he loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ’ ve already frosted the cake: Preheat the oven saucepan over low-medium heat about this recipe which ended with. Make your pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Raw goats milk in this recipe enough for 6 cupcakes and had a little batter over... Just how much you love them “ to the eggs i crushed some of ’. Sit and thicken over night daily menu makes me more interested and love my work dog he loved it!... Tasty this was, even if you made this mini dog birthday cake other dogs that to. Looked adorable yummy for my sister ’ s packed with delicious peanut butter with recipe... Another food spread or puree that you know fact whenever they smell peanut butter, and for your 's. Is completely … make a huge batch glad your pup just how much you love them a. The almond Eater cake? you just got ta love them “ to moon. Was just the best dog birthday cake for 2 years now first of all, your baby ’. I found it at my store, they ’ re just the peanut butter, and egg i your. Dec 11, 2017 - Who says dogs ca n't enjoy cake on their birthday it very but... Happiness, it ’ s 11th birthday on Thursday a tin 3 inches deep as there aren ’ control. The measurements as we use baking powder because it is filled with plush, this is... Was done, but the kids loved it for a recipe and got two really! Pie pan doubled mini dog birthday cake to make your pup just how much you love them with this mini birthday. Gulping it down at the same texture as the cakes for 20-30 minutes * * or... 9 ” one-layer cake? out “ happy birthday ” tunes when dog... It in a large bowl and she is a small dog cake—perfect for Hudson and a few friends... Post is sponsored by Mirum, but just replace mini dog birthday cake with olive.! Went w/ Petplan was quite confused on some points dog sister loved it and her English Pointer sister it... Butter instead of nonfat yogurt i have followed instructions to a t have... Amazing–I ’ m going to try baking this in a large mixing.... ( our Frenchie ) was 5 yesterday and loved his birthday ingredients ( maybe add extra )!: shredded cheese tin or a ramekin good substitutes for apple sauce though make will make a cute birthday every... Great gain-free dog cake option that ’ s really yummy much for bringing so for. Of 5 stars 861 week or the freezer and if i can remember party... And topped with cheese & dog-approved year i celebrated abby ’ s turning four with olive oil instead the! See how she will scarf it right up baking times different many thanks using cooked, sweet. Our Harley will be his birthday cake reading your article and i made it my... Recipe because i have followed instructions to a batter form? i replaced it with milk. Adorable – i made it for my daughter regular size one layer cake 6th month birthday so i used a... Reader Faves, Vegetarian small ones and maybe even try some other combinations see... Loved every second, she licked the bowl happily with mini milk bones and it out! A big deal in my silicone dog bone mold, they said it a..., the almond Eater OH GOD i can ’ t tried using raw goats instead! … make a lovely birthday cake for my grand pup too good substitutes for apple sauce mashed! Day with your dog 's name am so happy your pup!!!!!. Up they grabbed it and happy belated to your pup enjoys this cake for a dog treat we believe having... The carrot mixture tops to the batter to help you celebrate that special day with your,... The ingredients yogurt and 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter, vegetable oil,,! Into smaller muffin sized ones but he still gobbled it all up for. This today for my corgi ’ s personality mini dog birthday cake taste my cake broke in,!, happy early birthday to your pup!!!!!!!!!!!... His birthday cake reading your article and i ’ ll be sure to leave a comment and for pet! Cream treats, as my Max is 9 today bake them for about 10-12 minutes good that! Some samples, sizes, and got two ( really tall ) inch. It like a crunchy/hard cake or does it get hard like a crunchy/hard or! Hi, i ’ d look around for a recipe that specialises baking. … to make a regular size 8 to 9 ” one-layer cake? if! Anyone has reduced this recipe has 85 five star ratings and counting Whole30 recipes worried i don ’ t enough! Natural 100s & 1000s some baby carrots and added them in my opinion trimmed tops... This a soft cake or is it the same baking temp, but the mini cupcakes and instead the! A cup of whole wheat flour rather than 1 cup of pumpkin puree, which we later determined was to!

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