what size treble hooks on crankbaits

So from a new lure like say my beloved IMA Komomo SF-125 I have put two brand new treble hooks aside - and because this lure happens to come rigged with size 4 trebles, I then clip a size 1/0 Seaspin Gamu SW single hook I found it awhile back while fishing. Bucktail treble hooks have white deertail tied on a 2X strong tin-plated treble hook with red accent feather. Western pro Ken Mah addresses this point. That’s a full size up which is really big but I can get away with it because of On top is a standard Gamakatsu size 2. . If you need a size that is out of stock, please add item to cart and select backorder. Mustad 3551BR bronze treble hooks are a popular fish hook style used on spinning lures, crankbaits, etc. I was trolling Bandit 300s last week at Sardis and many times saw the poles bend without getting hook-ups (was running about 50-60 feet of line at 1.6 mph just west of … And on top of that, they will dull quickly and bend/break easily. It's treble hooks are big too. No sane angler will try to dis Gamakatsu hooks. Just to confirm your point that hooks vary in size my rebel treble hooks were replace with a Owner 3/0 or a Gamakatsu 4/0. Clearly a premium product. I've seen on this board where tcounty recommended changing the hooks on the bandit crankbaits. It's pretty big, its not the long skinny kind. Fishing Treble Hooks Kit High Carbon Steel Hooks Strong Sharp Round Bend for Lures Baits Saltwater Fishing 110pcs/box Mixed 6 Size 4 6 8 10 12 14 4.5 out of 5 stars 447 $11.99 $ 11. “It’s pure and simple physics,” said For targeting Catfish, We recommend using a Size 4 Treble Hook to pair with your . Open eye makes these trebles great for hook With so many treble hooks to choose from, it's hard to know which are best: long shank, short shank, EWG, round bend, lightwire, etc. The stock hooks that come on crankbaits are usually pretty low quality. Whether you want to wacky rig a senko, punch a creature, or throw a Idk their exact size but they could fit on a dime. Replacing Treble Hooks on Rapalas or other Crankbaits I was wondering what types of hooks all you great people use to replace dull of broken treble hooks on rapalas without affecting the action of the lure. Crawler Harness Stinger Treble size 4 or 6 Replacement Treble Hooks for Perfect Ten Smithwick Rogue, Bandit, Husky Jerk, Bay Rat, Hot N Tot, Thin Fin, Brad's Wigglers, Yakima Mag Lips, B Shad, Flicker Minnow, Flicker Shad, Top 20 Smithwick, Reef Runner, Tail Dancer size 4 or 6 Because manufacturers select stock hooks based primarily on bait size, substituting larger hooks can cause proximity issues. What is the best "Black Nickel" Treble hook for crankbaits? Its taken us years (and hundreds of packs of hooks) to develop this short list of the best hooks for different situations. Regular shank length. The diving depth of the lure can be roughly determined by the size of the bill; the bigger and longer, the deeper it will dive. Bulk Pack. For crankbaits of all types --- there's nothing better --- it's the perfect replacement hook. One last question: How do they attach treble hooks to these kinds of baits without using a split ring or with out it being a clip on treble … Comments: Replaced the hooks on my Strike King 1.5 with these hooks in size 2 and became a believer my first time trying them.Landed a 5.58 lb largemouth with only 1 barb through the top lip. When I change a crankbait treble hook the front hook is usually 1 size larger, the rear hook the same size and use premium treble hooks because they are difficult to re sharpen. Do you guys keep the original hooks on your crankbaits or do you change them? The DT6 comes with two No. As you pointed out there is no standerd size. Treble hooks – do they do more damage to fish than singles? I actually found these hooks to be virturely the same size I took this criticism to heart and set out to see if there was a sound Need some suggestions.. If a guy were to use a split ring, what sizes are we talking for size 2-8 treble hooks? Bulk Pack. Another thing you will notice about crankbaits is that there are usually two big treble hooks hanging from the 6 hooks, one on the belly and another on the tail. Gamakatsu's new Short Shank EWG (Extra Wide Gap) Treble is different from top-to-bottom. There are a lot of pros and cons to making this switch. My question is when changing the treble hooks do I need to keep the same size hooks … Some high-end crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater lures are equipped with tournament-ready hooks, but pros commonly want a different shank length, bend, wire diameter, size or color of treble than the lure-maker chooses to use Kevin shares what he likes best, but there's 1 thing he thinks that's important for all hooks However, Treble Hooks are also effective for Dough Baits and Nuggets as the 3 prongs secure your soluble bait longer than a single barbed hook. Only thing though is I'd have to use, for now, really small gold treble hooks. After losing several fish crankin I need to change something. VMC was the major supplier of treble hooks for most makes of crankbaits, followed by Mustad, they both supplied what the lure mfr requested. They will not be nearly as sharp out of the package as a good quality hook will be. I was looking at my reef runner and renosky crankbaits, just wondering if you … That is why I put my trust in VMC hooks. I’ve recently received a few adverse comments about my use of treble hooks on lures. I need size #4 and #6's. Modifying Hooks The practice of swapping treble hooks is important as hooks become dull, but changing a hook style or size can have a big impact on a crankbait’s action and dive. More and more anglers are choosing to change their treble hooks out in favor of siwash hooks. Quality hooks don’t break, and they stay super sharp. So many hooks, so little time! A lot bigger than any hook I'd normally use. We have spent around 29 hours to find the right option for you and based on our research Treble Hook, O’Shaughnessy – Bronze is our top pick for you. While many anglers and companies have trended towards short shank treble hooks on crankbaits to allow for upsizing the hooks a size, Crews said that trend is actually counterproductive. Some of you love them, some of you look at them suspicious and some don’t even wanna look at them. Several of the hooks that I put on crankbaits have seen weeks of use and they haven’t shown any signs of corrosion. I know what I get. These dressed treble hooks can be used on fresh and salt water lures. 4 from VMC. Spinning: Single hooks VS treble hooks: The great dilemma! Some high-end crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater lures are equipped with tournament-ready hooks, but pros commonly want a different shank length, bend, wire diameter, size or color of treble than the lure-maker chooses to use The story goes for the single hooks, a more recent “fashion” that even if it appeared before many years, only now started to be more regular on lures straight from the factory and not as an alchemy experiment by individuals. They are the most Does it affect the action of the bait at all? Jul 10, 2014 - Village Tackle is dedicated to the art and sport of fishing with handmade lures, fishing flies and live bait. I'm looking at buy some in bulk but don't want to buy the wrong thing. Each treble hook style will vary in thickness and In this video, Benjamin will Below is a size 2 VMC, also a I replace the front hook with a short shank, round bend No. In the accompanying photo you see two size 2 round-bend treble hooks. Learn How to Change TREBLE HOOKS on your fishing lures in a few easy steps! The last 2 years I began using crankbaits more often. Though small, this calico bass I caught on a Rapala crankbait, rigged with 2/0 VMC Inline Single hooks, really sold me on why these hooks are a must for inshore fishermen. Treble hooks that seem to catch onto everything – except for fish! We have experienced the ability to upsize our hooks on all of our baits, and have seen that even with the increased hook gaps, there is no tangling of the hooks under a crankbait. I also change my hooks out with the Mustad Triple Grip Wide Gap Treble, but just as Mike said you are going to lose some fish no matter what. They seem rusty and not so Sharp so I wanted to replace em. I have heard and or read that the treble hooks should be changed. Does it affect the action of the bait at all? Here we have compiled a list of the top treble hooks. Changing Treble Hooks can be the difference between landing the fish of a lifetime and having the fish come off. In the case of the new Series 6XD crankbaits which are packaged with a size two, he increases two sizes to a 1/0 when his is fishing for better than average size fish. From Treble To Single In most of my fishing, I’ve been using a various range of treble hooks. If you are searching for the best treble hooks then you landed on the right page.

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